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About This File

The last officially released patch for Monopoly Tycoon by DeepRed.

This patch does not contain any of the new scenarios or additions from the extra packs.

Original file: https://www.fileplanet.com/archive/p-80346/Monopoly-Tycoon-1-3-Patch

This release includes all fixes and updates from all previous patches. Version 1.3 is primarily a network/multiplayer release.

  • Network code now upgraded to DirectPlay8.
  • Added Custom Scenario functionality, this allows new scenarios to be downloaded and run for single player.
  • Added 2 custom scenarios as part of the upgrade.
  • Added 'No win condition' objective for skirmish/multiplayer modes.
  • Added a version number to sessions listed in the network screen.
  • Added the ability to create and select user-defined building textures.
  • Added a -port <port number> commandline parameter.
  • Fixed load/save crash for sandbox/skirmish modes.
  • Fixed load/save crash with silver/gold difficulties on certain single player scenarios.
  • Fixed Railroads and utilities not giving any profit.
  • Fixed out of sync issues.
  • Fixed CD recognition problem with systems containing more than one CD/DVD drives.
  • Fixed a crash by selecting a person and switching to city view and back to block view.
  • Player toggles are removed in a network session when they are ready.
  • Added a message box to the network game when a player quits before an objective is reached.
  • Fixed going back from skirmish mode to the previous menu.

Fix list for Version 1.2

This release includes all fixes and updates from previous patches.

  • Added a SafeMode feature.
  • Added Advanced Options button in the launcher.
  • Added software mixing / 2d sound options to Advanced Options.
  • Added various control over 3d components to Advanced Options.
  • Fixed fogging bug on S3 Savage Cards.
  • Software sound mixing is the default setup on new config.cfg files.
  • Fixed random crash bugs with Turtle Beach Montego sound cards.
  • Fixed bug where the launcher would crash when configuration was selected on certain systems.
  • Fixed the empty auction room issue.
  • Fixed save game list not selectable after saving.
  • Improved the AI's likelihood of raising the bid for blocks it is normally not interested in.
  • Raised the AI's interest in going for Utilities and Railroads as well as their capacity to hinder for these blocks at auction.
  • Fixed the problem of no AI activity after reloading a game.
  • Added sandbox / skirmish modes with fully working load and save functionality.
  • Removed the 'save' out of the multiplayer menu.
  • Fixed the 'laser lights' problem.
  • Fixed the Windows 95 CD recognition problem.
  • Fixed the sandbox mode people limit, population now increases to 2000 for this scenario.

What's New in Version 06/23/2021 03:06 AM   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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