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Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Extended Draw Distance/LODs

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About This File

Included here are two "defaultrenderconfig.xml" files used to increase draw distances/LOD distances further without creating any drawbacks or problems as much as possible.


*High - is the standard version

*Extreme - pushes it even further out, but this requires more VRAM and a faster storage device (RAMDisk or SSD) to work well.


I generally recommend just the high version.



To use these you need the Dunia Mod tools

*Extract "common.dat" in "Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon\data_win32"

*Make a backup of "defaultrenderconfig.xml" in "Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon\data_win32\common\engine\settings"

and change the file name of the selected version to just "defaultrenderconfig.xml" and place it in the folder above.

*Rename the default "common.dat" and "common.fat" to something else to preserve it after extracting and leave it where it is.

*Now take the extracted "common" folder with the replaced "defaultrenderconfig.xml" and drag it on to "Gibbed.Dunia2.Pack.exe"

This will create a new "common.dat" and "common.fat" in the "\data_win32" folder

*In your "GamerProfile.xml" file in "\my games\Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon\" folder make sure in your "<RenderProfile>" section that you are NOT adding or modifying anything except "<CustomQuality>" or "<Post>" otherwise some stuff will not work. (If you are interested in removing Parallax from roads, this mod includes this!)

What's New in Version   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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