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Descent 1 and 2 Interplay level contests collection

About This File

GOG.com forum thread: https://www.gog.com/forum/descent_series/bunch_of_descent_12_levels_from_two_interplays_1997_contest/page1

Interplay had many map making competitions for Descent, which some players considered to be the game's unofficial 3rd DLC. Although no official compilation has been made, a user (Nilex) on GOG.com has made one of his own with almost all competition entries included.




Bunch of Descent 1 & 2 levels I came across on the old archived Interplay websites back from '96/'97. All the levels in this collection were submitted as part of the level design contest so I assumed they are worthy to be included in my own personal collection. And since I am a nice guy you can have them too. All cleaned and neatly sorted out.

Descent 1:  97 levels in "Anniversary Edition Level Design Contest" folder (65 Single and 32 MultiPlayer)
        64 levels in "Mission Building Contest" folder (29 Single and 35 MultiPlayer)

Descent 2:  78 levels in "Level Design Contest" folder (11 SP; 15 mixed; 52 MP);
       164 levels in "Mission Building Contest" folder (61 SP; 103 MP)

Totaling:  403 levels (166 SP; 15 mixed; 222 MP)

More detailed info inside two subfolders. There are also saved offline copies of archived Interplay webpages.

Individual levels consist of two files and they share the same name, only the file extension is different. You will need both files for level to load.

For DOS Descent 1: copy levels to root folder \DESCENT
For DOS Descent 2: copy levels to folder \DESCENT2\MISSIONS

For Rebirth source ports copy levels to \DXX-Rebirth\Missions

Select "New Game" and all the SinglePlayer levels you copied will show in the selection list. Mind that DOS versions have a hardcoded limit of listing first 99 levels, the rest will be cut off.

MultiPlayer levels will not be shown in the in-game "New Game" list. They are empty of enemies and are designed for MP only. However if you wish you can edit individual MSN/MN2 files using notepad and change type from "anarchy" to "normal". This will enable the levels to be loaded as they were SP if you simply wish to explore them.

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