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Ultra+ for Dirt Rally 1.02

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Ultra+ is a small modification to Dirt Rally to push the graphics just a bit further for those with really good PC's (or suckers for pretty graphics )
This is not designed to blow-your-mind with the difference, the game already pushes itself pretty hard, what this does do is maximise the detail on display, regardless of distance from the player.

The following changes effect the base game engine, graphics settings then lower these for medium/low etc. Ultra uses the max settings :
Particle Spawn Rate vs Speed (veh/wheel/etc) boosted for all effects
Car Materials Specularity adjusted
Object (stuff on the sides of roads) draw distances increased
Tree detail draw distance increased
Grass detail draw distance increased
Shadow Detail draw distance, and low detail max distance increasd
Motion Blur quality increased

In-Game Settings Modified :
Shadow resolution now at 2048 for high, and 4096 for Ultra
Environment Map now at 1024 for high and 2048 for Ultra
Tree meshes used in all passes on Ultra (better tree reflections / shadow / motion blur on trees)
Mirror Resolution now 768 for high and 1536 for ultra

In order for these new in-game settings to effect your current setup, you will need to reset your graphics by choosing one of the presets, then customising the graphics afterwards.

*DISCLAIMER* This may bring your computer to its knees on Ultra with high AA!!

2016-01-02_00001.jpg 2016-01-02_00007.jpg 2016-01-02_00014.jpg 2016-01-02_00016.jpg 2016-01-02_00019.jpg 2016-01-02_00023.jpg 2016-01-02_00024.jpg

Main Noticable Changes :
Shadow detail no longer starts 200m down the road with a visible line where the shadow stops
Grass now extends as far as you can see
track-side objects always at max detail
Over-all increase in fidelity at long ranges

NOTE : Shadows AND Environmental Reflections on Ultra require a VERY powerful card!!

Mirrored from https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ultra-for-dirt-rally-1-02.8472, which requires creating an account to download.

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