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Turok: Dinosaur Hunter unofficial resolution/FOV patch (turokfix.exe)

About This File

An unofficial patch for Turok: DinosaurHunter, written by badsectoracula. This fix is mentioned in the PCGamingWiki article for the game. It's currently only hosted on MediaFire, which is not an ideal choice for longevity.

Original post:


In case you still have the original PC CD release from 1997 and want to play it in a modern computer and you don't feel like buying the new release (yet, anyway), i wrote a small patch that allows you to use any resolution and with a small widescreen fix that makes the FOV match the resolution (the widescreen fix is optional).

You can find information in pcgamingwiki, but here is what it says:

Custom resolution and widescreen support patch. Before applying the patch, make a backup of the Turok.exe and Video_D3D.dll files in case the modifications go wrong.

  1. For Vista and later: make sure you have Turok installed in a directory that can be modified by regular programs (e.g. C:\Games\Turok)
  2. Download turokfix.exe and run it.
  3. Replace 800 and 600 in the fields with the resolution you want to use (note that for a high resolution, such as 2560x1440, you may need to use dgVoodoo 2).
  4. Press the "Patch Video_D3D.dll to apply custom resolution" button
  5. Using the dialog box that will appear, locate the Video_D3D.dll file in your Turok installation
  6. In the game's launcher, use the Video menu to select Performance Settings and check the 800x600 checkbox (note that if the checkbox is not available and window doesn't mention Direct3D the game probably loaded another renderer - remove the DLL files mentioned in the last step below)
  7. For widescreen support: Press the "Patch Turok.exe to apply widescreen fix" button and locate Turok.exe like above
  8. If you have nGlide or other GPU emulators installed: make sure you remove the Video_3DFx.dll, Video_PowerVR.dll and Video_RagePro.dll files from your Turok installation, otherwise the game might try to use another renderer instead of the Direct3D one.

That is all. The original game also works perfectly under Wine (for Linux and should also work in OS X) and should work under Windows too (for 8 and later you may need to use dgVoodoo 2 though - if you have 2560x1440, you certainly will need to use it because for some reason Microsoft's D3D7 and lower doesn't support horizontal resolutions above 2056).


Found here: https://old.reddit.com/r/turok/comments/3xu3nh/custom_resolution_and_widescreen_patch_for_the/


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