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Soundtracks in the Audio Section

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Other than fan rips probably not being viable, could something similar be added, such as


  • manualy obtaining a game's ost trough an utility
  • copying the music from the game's installation folder and/or converting it to make it work 
  • common usefull utilities for converting ogg files and other formats (WInLame, specific game utilities)
  • officialy released soundtracks for free, bandicamp pages http://amontobin.bandcamp.com/album/chaos-theory-splinter-cell-3-soundtrack
  • whatever else I can't think of right now

But couldn't fan rips simply be re-uploaded somewhere else anyway, and aren't most for personal use anyway? 

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Well, a question poses before everything.

PCGW was meant to be a place for fixes and stuff related. It doesn't matter if we are talking about updating video card drivers, avoiding a particular hardware vendor and so on

Fixes serve to get the most out of a game. Games are the final target and everything revolves around them


You are now proposing to cross that borderline.

Should we be the general space for all the stuff about PC? And should we encourage -especially noob- users to even further complicate their playthrough?


I know this could sound a bit cynical.. but that's the road we would take by taking this decision..


And by the way, I'm not criticizing it.

On the contrary... I remember well how some month ago I mindlessly asked where I could point out that using universal time instead of local time on Windows is a gamebreaker for Win/Linux dualboot computers...


But certainly no way we could ever reach the completeness of wiki.archlinux.org or wiki.ubuntu.com...

And without going till this incredible troubles.. for example.. If we had to talk about.. GIMP.. what could we say more than its official guide? Could we really offer a value-added service?




Anyway, stopping philosophical thoughts  and back to simpler business.. manuals/soundtracks freely available (or at least freely available to the game owners) could be pointed out with {{ii}} infopoint in the availability section right now (hoping there aren't more than 3-4 things..)


If we had to even speak of the proper modding tools (provided that they aren't already mandatory for some fixes [1]) well.. I don't know why we should.. but I don't even have reason against this

Then, given that I really don't know where else in the net I could note things like this or this, this would get my vote

But I wouldn't really see a future for guide like this :p


General conversion/editing/browsing/playing softwares on the other hand.. I think that at maximum we could have a page named something like: PCGW recommended softwares or.. Programs of the bug digger.. who knows..


I hope you enjoyed the reading ;)



ps: @Nicereddy I realized now that you moved the Editing Coalesced.ini thing in the ME2 page.. but it's not really an issue fixed... what do you think?

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ps: @Nicereddy I realized now that you moved the Editing Coalesced.ini thing in the ME2 page.. but it's not really an issue fixed... what do you think?

I put it there due to its relevance for so many of the fixes in the "Issues fixed" section. It's an exception to the rule, and I felt like it was better to include it in that section than place it elsewhere on the page.


As to the topic of the thread, I don't see any huge issue with this as long as it's simply a link and not a tracklist or something similar. Preferably, this'd be added as a parameter in the Audio Settings template to be added at the top/bottom of the table as a note. That way we don't end up with a bunch of random styles for including this and relieves the Availability table of potential clutter.


I think the wiki has been, and honestly should be moving toward a general resource rather than just fixes. That's not to say we should become "Wikipedia for video games", as that'd be rather repetitive. Rather, I think we would benefit from allowing easy tracking and categorization of games with X or Y feature using Semantic MediaWiki. In theory, we could become a singular resource for a large number of use-cases in PC gaming, and I think that's somewhat vital to the longevity of the wiki. Assuming, of course, that that doesn't lead to pages filled with bloat and useless information.

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