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We need a partial value for proprieties

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Presets are not remapping, so I personally always put them to false. 

Better cases would be situations where rebinding is only allowed to DirectInput controller, but not for XInput ones as there are tons of those kind of situations. 

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I personally disagree with stating "partial" high-framerate, if fps is capped during cut-scenes - it's not affecting the gameplay and it adds another layer of testing that has to be done, so I don't r

I don't think "required" would be actually required. There are a few examples yes, but for such cases, I think what would be needed more is a separate keypoint - I was thinking about something aside f

@Sigma 7 that's more a game bug I suppose, and notes could nicely address this   Two effective example of why partial value is needed could be silent storm and hitman 2 The first has widescreen su

Presets are not remapping, so I personally always put them to false. 

Yes, sure.

But similarly to resolution stuff thread, I guess you are missing the "concept point".


Which, afaik, is "configuring controls" [to one's pleasure].


Now of course being able to adjust everything is perfection, but presets can be functional too.

I mean, especially in games where like it or not, there are only a small "range of combinations" that make sense.

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Problem with presets come to the subjectivity of it.


There are games which have only two presets, then there are games which allow swapping sticks and/or shoulder buttons and at least I have seen these having controller rebinding as false with note about presets. With Call of Juarez Gunslinger I do admit that it does give pretty good options to modify your controller experience by basically having presets for all differend parts of controller.


But those are still presets, personally I don't mind either way, but I'd really like to keep the objectivity and editing guide states that if game doesn't allow binding actions to buttons but only offers predefined layouts, the field is set to false and presets are noted. This is also why I always screenshot rebinding menus as well as you can clearly see the presets in that if necessary. 

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