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So, A few months/weeks ago I noticed a bug where if you accessed the webserver with a domain that we did not have configured, you could install mediawiki for that domain and do all kinds of nonsense!


So I thought I fixed it, and in part I did, but some people like using http://PCGamingWiki.com as their homepage, Well how the system works is that it checks for /path/sites/PCGamingWiki.com/LocalSettings.php


well... we only have a /path/sites/pcgamingwiki.com.com/LocalSettings.php, Notice the issue? Yep! Linux is case sensitive and so was Mediawiki >.>.... one Strtolower and we are all good to go!




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well... I didnt really know what was broken untill I put the log in, Its hard to reproduce the issue sometimes on these types of bugs! now to fix that slow ass homepage, thats insane

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So, I have F-777 on skype, he just sent me this:



[10:52:47 AM] Jesse Valentine (F-777): i think you just made me $600
[10:53:49 AM] Jesse Valentine (F-777): O.o
[10:53:49 AM] Jesse Valentine (F-777): some guy emailed me, found me from thaat link
[10:54:04 AM] Jesse Valentine (F-777): awesome
[10:54:08 AM] Jesse Valentine (F-777): wants to purchase permission rightss to some songs in videos
[10:54:13 AM] Jesse Valentine (F-777): you
[10:54:14 AM] Jesse Valentine (F-777): are

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