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If I recall correctly, we have agreed some time back that expansions are not of interest to us and went ahead and removed all infoboxes for expansions.

Yes.... but while this reduces an overall mess on pages, that multiple infoboxes were causing, sometimes it'd be nice to list developers responsible for some expansions. I remember, how I wanted to list Ritual Entertainement - one of my favourite developers that never got all that popular, since they've made an entire Team Sabre expansion, but the way we do it now, just doesn't allow it.


As for suggestion of Fwinest JediThug - I like the idea, even though - it's only for images. With changes, we've been discussing for Developer's infoboxes, we may actually want to look into it - would be perfect for listing logos of developers, before it got rebranded without making a page needlessly long (as for vertical space goes, not the code). Although, then - even thought I'd like to see it (since I like just looking through history of some developers), I wonder, do we really need it.


Either way - having additional images for expansion packs (not DLCs!) would be really cool. And if we could list developers of expansions, without making a mess of page - that'd be great, as well.

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