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Hi guys - a few times I've received comments that the Port Report is a poor/confusing name for the little technical reports we write about newly released PC games - especially because many of the games we cover are Windows-only, e.g. Rome II, Shadow Warrior, etc. and are not ported from another platform/console.


I'm considering changing the name to the slightly less catchy 'PC Report' to try and distinguish this. Any thoughts, or suggestions for other names?


This would probably involve going back and fixing the category and titles from Port reports -> PC reports for every story on the new blog system.

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How about keep Port Report names for multi-platform titles and PC exclusives under PC Report?


It's best to keep the reports under the same category name so they can all be found in the same place.

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I also like the simplicity of PC report, it's straight to the point and you know exactly what you're getting. Although this may cause confusion if it's a Mac title? If so, I'd just suggest "Technical Report". It's not catchy but it's clean and concise without any babble. Shame since I was growing quite fond of port report.

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I like the sound of PC Report. The site's name already uses PC in the general sense so I don't see how PC Report would be any more confusing. Macs not being PCs is an Apple marketing fabrication.

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I agree, I never liked Port Report as a name.  It always made me think it was only focused on porting games from console to PC.  It didn't match the reports themselves. 


Not in love with PC Report because it sounds a bit generic, but it's simple and to the point.  I'll back that idea, unless someone things of something better.

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