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Error on Booting F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate - Intel ARC Issue?


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Hello everyone,

I am having an issue with launching F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate on my system, and I suspect that it may be related to Intel ARC [https://www.lenovo.com/ca/en/faqs/intel/intel-graphics/]. When I try to launch the game, I receive an error message indicating that the game failed to boot, and I am unable to play it.

I have tried several troubleshooting steps, including verifying the integrity of the game files, updating my graphics drivers, and disabling any unnecessary background applications. However, none of these steps have resolved the issue.

After some research, I have noticed that other users have reported similar issues when trying to launch F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate on systems with Intel ARC installed. It is possible that there may be some compatibility issue between the game and the Intel ARC platform that is preventing it from launching correctly.

Has anyone else encountered this issue, or have any suggestions for how to resolve it? I would greatly appreciate any advice or insights that you may have.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Best regards,


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