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AIO per game tweaks πŸš€

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I created a simple tool to apply generic tweaks to your desired games. Its a batch file that generates a GUI using the built-in mshta in Windows, but for simplicity, I converted that batch file to an exe with Bat_To_Exe_Converter to hide ugly cmd console. the ugly console is initially hidden by nsudo.


How to use

Method A:

  1. Open AIO per game tweaks.bat, an open-file dialog will appear.
  2. Choose executable of your desired game, next window will appear.
  3. In the next window you can apply/undo settings.


Method B:

  1. Drag the game executable and drop on AIO per game tweaks.bat.
  2. A window will open and you can apply/undo settings in that window.

Note 1: All settings are applied to the registry, which means you can close app when you're done.
Note 2: Whenever you want to undo the changes, select the game exe and choose default settings.

Change log

  • Initial release



  • Fixed a bug where the filepicker returns wrong exe path
  • Added an option for restoring all settings to defaults ( Useful when you want to uninstall game)
  • Added an option for Power saving in Graphics settings (Force an app to use integrated GPU)
  • Added an option to fix zoomed UI elements in some games when using custom scaling (When you select "Disable fullscreen optimization + high DPI", the high DPI scaling override will set to Application)


Download latest version here:


Todo list:

  1. Add an option for restoring all settings to defaults (Useful when you want to uninstall game).
  2. Add an option for Power saving in Graphics settings (Force an app to use integrated GPU).
  3. Create a full guide in English.

The LargePagePerfTest created by @mbk1969.

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A new update (v1.2) has been released, be sure to update, see the Change log for more information.

If you find a bug feel free to report it, any suggestions are also appreciated.

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