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maybe we should add TOUCH SUPPORT in INPUT region.

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I'm using different devices with touchscreen for gaming, including Surface Pro, laptops with touchscreen and even Seewo.

Some games have good touch support that i don't need any other devices while some don't.

I think we can add TOUCH SUPPORT to INPUT region to record whether the game can be played with only touchscreen.


two areas can be added:

TOUCH SUPPORT: whether the game can recognize input from touchscreen, even if recognization is not correct.

FULL TOUCH SUPPORT: whether the game can be fully played with touchscreen without any other controllers.


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4 minutes ago, BaronSmoki said:

There is a "Touchscreen optimised" field in the input section already: https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/PCGamingWiki:Editing_guide/Input

However, "optimised" implies full support. Perhaps the field can be set to "limited" for games with suboptimal support?

Thats a good idea. 

Also maybe "always on" can be used for some game that always show a touch UI even device has no touch support. (e.g. Hyposphere always shows touch input UI.)

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