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Add list of LAN supported games

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Over the past few years, online only games have been taking over the market and most of them leaves LAN support out of the equation, however there are games out there that DO have some kind of LAN support (either built-in, through a separate dedicated server executable or an unofficial mod) without actually telling it us in the store page. We need some kind of list that covers them. I'd start adding games from popular franchises like the first few Call of Duty games or Rocket League.

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Okay, here it is: https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/List_of_games_with_LAN_multiplayer

If you feel that any games are missing from that list, you can go to the game pages and attempt to set Multiplayer > LAN support = true (which admittedly gets complicated on gamepages where the Multiplayer box isn't already present).

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Hi. Been doing lans for many years and the thing that still baffles me most is how there's no common list of games which are appropriate for a lan party, with useful filters like these:

  • max players

  • recommended no. of players

  • dedicated/listen only/p2p server

  • commercial/DRM free/free

  • account required with progression/no progression/no account

  • skill threshold and ceiling

Too often I see poor suggestions which are too subjective for each group; example: Borderlands: it's bloody fun in lan, but only if you have at most 4 player able to frequently meet up, otherwise it becomes a boring level 1-10 slog. Other notable examples are:

  • level dependent online games such as World of Tanks/Warships etc. The gap between veterans and newbies is too large https://100001.onl/ https://1921681254.mx/.

  • Enemy territory games: those are superb lan games, but you NEED many players to make matches enjoyable AND they have to know the bare minimum about objectives, classes and their functionality. They are balanced for big teams and cooperation, which you usually lack in a lan setting.

  • most RTS games: the skill threshold for these games to be enjoyable is absurdly high. The only way to play them is between experienced players (ex.: single player campaign completed).

The perfect games IMO need to have the following:

  • offline play!!!

  • freely distributable or easily available

  • painless server management

  • high player limit

  • acceptable minimum player requirement

  • quick to learn or easy to teach

  • low skill threshold and high skill ceiling

Would you help me contribute to a list like this? I can work out a gdrive sheet.

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Making lists for max LAN players and for dedicated servers should be pretty easy to do on PCGW. I don't think skill ceilings or recommended players would be possible to do with PCGW's backend. The rest I'd have to look into.

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Okay, so:

I ran into some obstacles with the list for dedicated servers, because the PCGW team members who handle the Cargo API implementation, have forgot to add the "Connections" template to it.


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