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Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen: Game Starts with Black Screen, Must Click Icon to Proceed

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Been having this constant issue where I start the game on Steam, and it's a black screen. To get past this, I have to hit my Windows key, click on the minimized game icon, and then the game will start up normally.

As I use a controller and Big Picture Mode, it's a pain having to keep doing this. I tried using Borderless Gaming and while it DOES fix this, it introduces another issue where my controller is read as a keyboard/mouse.

This may also be tied to resolution, as the game will start up fine on the default 1920x1080p settings. But I'm trying to play with maxed out settings, so I'm unsure what else I could try at this point.

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Yo I'm having the exact same issue. I read around that disabling Vsync on the config file or straight up removing the config file so it goes to default settings helps but I have had no luck with that. Still black screen with the app as non responsive on the task manager.
As an extra detail, this didn't happen to me when I used a RX 570, then recently I upgraded to a RX 6700xt and decided to revisit the game but now this...

Are you still having the same issue, or did you find a solution? 

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