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South Park PC 1999 will not work on my windows 10

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Heh, sorry no I won't just be sending the whole game over.

I'm also not sure what you're talking about by a text file only finding one track...? The only text file included was a readme.

If you installed nGlide and are still having graphical nightmares, then the game is still set to the D3D backend.

Right-click the exe and create a shortcut.
Right-click the shortcut and click properties.
In the Target box, add -videoconfig to the end of it, outside of the quotation marks. It should look kind of like this:
"C:\Games\South Park\South Park [NOCD_FFOV] 1.1.exe" -videoconfig
Click apply and ok. When you start the game next, it should ask what backend you want to use. Click 3dfx custom driver and play.
You can then remove the -videoconfig parameter or just delete the shortcut entirely, and use the exe again.

I've never had that mouse issue, nor has anyone I know had it either, so nothing I can really say there. The best I can recommend is to unplug any game controllers you have connected, use the default mouse sensitivity in Windows, and maybe disable mouse acceleration while you're there.

For what it's worth, I've updated the download on moddb to include a previous version as well as lately I've gotten a couple more reports of custom music not working for some people.
Some have reported music working in 1.1 after running 1.0 once, some people say the other way around... so I'm including both for people to figure out, but what's for sure is that the CD music will not work on 1.0.

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