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Top 5 favorite PC games of all time?

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I can't make an order.


Morroblivion - Combines two of my favourite games of all time, Oblivion and Morrowind. It's essentially a mod for Oblivion, but I think of it as a standalone masterpiece. All of Oblivion's gameplay and graphics (seriously, dem draw distances) and Morrowind's world, atmosphere and story. Pretty glitch free.


Fallout: New Vegas - It is basically an improved version of Fallout 3. It was better in pretty much every single way. It baffles me to think that most prefer Fallout 3.


S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat - This is the only game, other than Clear Sky and Metro 2033, that I prefer to play in Russian, my native language, because the game was made a by a Ukrainian studio and because it's much more atmospheric and immersive like that. It has great gunplay, it always keeps me on my toes, manages to keep me searching for cover all the time, because here it's useful. It's also one of the more balanced games I know, because you are almost equal to your enemies, if not slightly superior. It also looks really spooky at night, like actually dark. Stealth is really useful. It is also one of the scariest games of all time, even though it never managed to startle, or "jump scare", me, but because it has spooky ambient sound, scary monstrosities, spooky environments and more. Unlike other games, however, it doesn't just focus on being scary, because, once again, it also has really good gameplay. I also never turned it off due to fear, because there was just so much motivation for me all the time. Damn fun. 


Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords - Once again, Obsidian made a sequel to someone's game but everyone considers it worse due to bugs and dismisses the refined gameplay. KOTOR II just fulfilled all of my Star Wars fantasies. The end.


Dreamfall: The Longest Journey - *cries*. Whenever I think of this game, I burst into tears. It was beautiful and amazing, had pretty nice gameplay, really good plot, and a great world, or should I say great worlds? I have, however, only played this game through once and that was in 2011. I still burst into tears.


Also, I still find toilet jokes funny.


BOGUS: Katawa Shoujo - It didn't have gameplay, but it had really good plot. The best Japanese dating sim out there, bar none. Still makes me cry. I could also never bring myself to do a second playthrough, because it's painful the second time around.


Five worst games, anybody?


Metro 2033 - As a huge fan of STALKER, I was disappointed. The gunplay was unbalanced, the enemies all had super vision or something, and stealth was pointless. The gameplay might as well have been nonexistent, but it was a really immersive experience, especially in Russian. The lack of good gameplay still ruined it all for me.


PlanetSide 2 - Pointless, unbalanced Pay2Win mess.


Just Cause 2 - It had no real point, it was really repetitive and unoptimized on PC. It also lacked a lot of detail, which solidifies the fact that I would choose GTA over this any day.


Dead Island - Repetitive and unoptimized. Even if it wasn't repetitive, it still wouldn't be fun.


And something else, I'm sure.

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