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Proposal: Add GameFAQs and WikiData identifiers to Infobox_game

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I think it would be very helpful to end-users of PCGamingWiki if we added more database identifiers to the infobox, mainly the game's GameFAQs page and its WikiData item ID.
GameFAQs may be dated and privately owned but, for better or worse, it is still the largest game database with the most active userbase and is still an insanely valuable resource.
WikiData should be very uncontroversial as it's basically just the database end of Wikipedia, which we already link to, and it's an excellent free authority control. Game pages on WikiData already link to multiple other databases including PCGamingWiki.
What I'm asking here is: is there any reason we don't currently include identifiers for these databases in the Infobox? I understand that there has to be a limit on the number of identifiers we include in every page's infobox which is why I singled out GameFAQs and WikiData as they're two I frequently reference and wish PCGamingWiki conveniently linked.

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Previously we had a general strategy of mutual linking but I think we are moving towards utility for the user.

I think GameFAQs would make a good addition, as we also link to StrategyWiki.

WikiData would also be good since the hard work of adding our property has already done by @Nicereddyhttps://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Property:P6337

Just need to add the template rows in and someone with a bot can add all the data, any volunteers?

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I'm very glad to hear my proposal has been warmly welcomed.

10 hours ago, Andytizer said:

Just need to add the template rows in and someone with a bot can add all the data, any volunteers?

For what it's worth I have begun to experiment with the PCGamingWiki API, if things turn out well I may be able to build such a bot myself but I really can't promise much as I'm still rather new at this sort of thing. Of course, a bot wouldn't be able to do much without the fields being added to the Infobox_game template first.

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