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On 6/18/2020 at 7:22 PM, Armistel said:

Question. From now on windows 10, I could install windows 7 on one of my secondary hard drives, without risk, that is, from my iso of windows 7 I tell it to install the operating system on disk E for example and thus operating systems are not mixed . Could that be safe?

You're out in uncharted waters with too many unknown factors -- there's almost no guarantees that can be made.

The general gist of it though, if even possible, is to convert the Win7 iso to a USB stick (Google for instructions on how to do so) and then boot using the USB stick and install Windows 7 on a separate partition/drive through there.

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in this situation i use an app called easybcd https://neosmart.net/EasyBCD/

it allows you to dual boot and add operating systems as you wish- works for uefi and legacy. you could simply add your win7 disk and add the entry to your bootloader- you would then get a choice of operating system on boot. the oses will be discrete.

its free but it would be nice to donate if you find it useful.

btw, hello all, my first post on pcgw, nice to make your acquaintance :]

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