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Halo: Combat Evolved, Chimera — frame rate remains locked at 30

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Chimera version 1.0 build 50

I've followed these steps:

chimera_uncap_cinematic true
chimera_interpolate true
chimera_throttle_fps 300

The fps is capped at 30. However, "chimera_interpolate" doesn't accept the values listed in the documentation, only "true"/"false". I can only change my frame rate and Hz in the game settings, I presume that this is incompatible with mods and in any case lacks my native refresh rate (144Hz).

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I can't get chimera_set_resolution to function, the game always defaults to 800x600. I may not follow the syntax correctly:

chimera_set_resolution 1920 1080 144

Change Halo's resolution. Width and height can be either resolution in pixels or an aspect ratio.

chimera_set_resolution <width> <height> [refresh rate] [vsync] [windowed]

I've also tried "chimera_set_resolution 1920x1080". This command can't be used while in-game, it seems.

EDIT: Alright, https://opencarnage.net/index.php?/topic/6916-chimera-10-beta/&page=14#comment-95075


New command: chimera_set_resolution - This command allows you to set the resolution of the game, refresh rate, vSync mode, and windowed mode. You will need to put this in chimerainit.txt (in either the chimera folder or Halo folder), as this setting doesn't automatically save.

Still doesn't work, unfortunately.

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