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Rare/Obscure PC versions

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By this topic, I am referring to games that got PC versions/ports, but very little information about these games seem to exist.  One example is a game called MorphX, which is a localization of a Russi

Regarding games from OP: MorphX indeed exists on PC, it's actually initial version by name Симбионт/Symbiont, which then got ported to X360 and released worldwide. As for availabilty - it's retail

Livewire is such a delightfully 90's looking game, I love it.  Thank you for sharing it.

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Here is another obscure port: Mimana Iyar Chronicle, originally released for the PSP in Japan and the US.

The game was also released for the PC, but only for the Chinese markets. It has noticeable graphical differences compared to its PSP counterpart. https://home.gamer.com.tw/creationDetail.php?sn=1598053

What is even stranger is the fact that the game was originally supposed to come out in Japan on the PC, but the project was shifted to PSP during developemnt.

And for even further strangeness, this website lists the PC port with English language! (The image of the packaging still says Chinese release though, so whether it is an English release, I do not know for sure)

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Turok 1 and 2 were brought up a while back. A small number of copies were sold in Japan. Apparently the second game is just the English version.


Police Quest SWAT 2 probably is uncommon. I've found the packaging and disc, but not much of any screenshots.



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On 7/2/2020 at 2:29 PM, Luigi master89 said:

Hello Talos, thanks for the interesting tidbits!  I wonder what other games had PC ports that were left behind in Asia.  I heard of a few reports of a purported Russian/Eastern European exclusive PC port of the original Yakuza, but since the remake is now available searching will be harder.

Hi! Do you remember the specific place your heard about the yakuza pc port?

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On 7/14/2020 at 9:59 PM, Talos said:

Here's another game by Sega: Sakura Wars (Sakura Taisen) I-IV. Almost all of these titles were released also on PC, but only in Japan. The PC port of Sakura Wars 1 received an international release, but only in certain territories. Initially released in 1999 in Japan, it also got released in Taiwan in 2001, and in Russia in 2006, complete with a full translation of in-game text in Russian (no Russian dubbing though). The second part, Sakura Taisen II, also got a release in Taiwan in 2001 and in Russia in 2008. Note however that the Russian version uses the much maligned StarForce protection, according to the back cover of the game, which means that compatibility with newer systems is NOT guaranteed.

The game never got an English release, though a fan translation exists for the Sega Saturn version. Why didn't they do it for the PC version as well, beats me.

Source: MobyGames


this method makes the games playable on WIndows 10. Much simpler too since a third party tool enables Macrovision permanently


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