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Killing the Digital Distribution pages?

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Hello everyone,,

The Digital Distribution pages, e.g. Steam, GOG.com, the Humble Store, Desura, etc. are mostly unused and rarely updated. I think it's reasonable to remove them. They serve little purpose and are a complete mess. It doesn't seem that anyone is interested in fixing it, especially the smaller store fronts reversephonelookup.onl/ curated.onl/nba-reddit/ pcbuilder.onl/pcpartpicker/.

I'd prefer we delete the pages entirely rather than making a separate namespace for them, as I really don't think they have much use that Wikipedia isn't sufficiently filling. Any fixes available are made irrelevant fairly quickly, so I really don't think they're particularly useful for that reason either.

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We're moving towards a unified namespace, so eventually Store:XXXX will be moved into the main namespace and simply called XXXX, or XXXX (store) if another page with the same title exists.

While some store pages can be argued to be removed, their inclusion is mostly due to completion purposes and ensuring that editors have an already existing place where they can add more data if relevant to that store.

Other store pages, such as Steam and GFWL, can't be removed at all as that would result in a massive information loss.

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As Aemony said, we will keep the store information and move it into the main namespace very soon. We will also be restructuring the articles to give more value. There are many things our articles can include that Wikipedia don't, and I hope that we will have substantially better articles in the next month or so.

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