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Escape from Tarkov players?

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Hello everyone,,

Started playing Tarkov late into the wipe in 0.11. 1month into .12 and I have so very okayish gear but everyone I come across is squadding with 3 - 4 others dudes while I'm solo. Anyone here who plays Tarkov and is willing to play? Also, I get a ping of around 90 - 100 on my Uni wifi openweb.vip/whatsapp-web/ https://19216801.onl/ routerlogin.uno/..

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I'm actually the one who added the article here on PCGW :). 

I'm currently on hiatus playing the game, until it starts working on Wine properly again (I actually do "play", as in I have a character – (IGN: Faalagorn, same as here), but can only get to the menu and ) – it started using BattlEye which is supported natively but isn't supported on Wine – since they plan on Mac version apparently, I hope they will get into native Linux someday – they had Vulkan render at one point, but it have since been removed, though it may come down the road eventually, just no solid news 🙂.

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