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My gaming optimization procedure for getting the most out of your system.

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Hello everyone,,

  • Go to msconfig and disable all non-Microsoft services, and remove everything from your startup tab. Frees us a tremendous amount of RAM after restart.

  • Get the following programs:

  • CCleaner: Cleans up all the random shit slowing down your system.

  • Driver Booster: Updates all your drivers- key to gaming.

  • Meminfo: Automatically defrags your memory, freeing up some space, when it goes over 90% usage.

  • 3DAnalyzer: Lets you generate advanced config files for any game. In particular, the "Force SW TnL" setting, which puts some of your video card's load onto the CPU. Useful for if your video card is MUCH worse than your CPU.mobdro.bio/ luckypatcher.tips/ kodi.bio/

  • Razor Cortex/Razor Game Booster: Can stop various computer tasks automatically upon booting a game to free up more resources. This includes disabling Windows Explorer.

  • Search for "performance" in the start menu and select the bit about appearance and performance. Set it to performance. This actually speeds up your computer in another way by disabling all the window animations whenever you do something.

  • If you have a laptop then set your power settings to max performance. This made a SERIOUS difference for me.

  • Boot into your BIOS and comb it for any tweaks that let you get more performance out of your CPU.

  • Set your desktop background to a solid color. Every bit helps.

  • Unplug any external monitors or unnecessary USB devices.

  • Find a flash drive you aren't using and dedicate it to ReadyBoost. Basically, when your computer is running low on RAM it'll put some of it into the flash drive. This prevents crashes when you run out of RAM.

  • Find out your screen's aspect ratio and change the game's resolution setting to a lower value that still fills the screen.

  • Put up extra fans facing your computer, ESPECIALLY if you have a laptop.

  • Get a cheap can of condensed air and clean the dust out of your machine's vents. Dust makes the components have to work harder.

I have a second generation 2.5 GHz Intel processor with integrated Intel HD 3000 Graphics and 64MB VRAM. With these steps, I am able to run Crysis and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon on lowest settings. It's not too smooth, but you get used to it.

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Some of these are good tips but I think the best mileage you’ll get is upgrading your laptop 😂. HD 3000 - I remember doing an entire playthrough of BioShock Infinite using this integrated GPU at 720p and it was ‘okay’ given my limited resources at the time.

I’m not sure ReadyBoost has the kind of performance boost for gaming you are saying it might!

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No hardware shaming please. Anything that is at least dx9 has its gaming dignity.

But.. there's nothing special with laptops (aside of the super slow 2.5 disks)? It's just about raw specs at the end of the day.

Booster is stupid software indeed. And Gen6 graphics should be able to dynamically go just short of 2GB of memory when needed.


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