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Best settings for mouse sensitivity for first person shooters? [x-post from r/truegaming]

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Hello everyone,,

What do you prefer, inspite of what I may find comfortable, do you set it all the way to high or low? Is there a way to specifically test it? I'm playing Bioshock Infinite and for some reason its bothering me a lot, I've tried changing and experimenting with it but to no avail.mobdro lucky patcher kodi

When the settings are too high, its like looking at a haze, can barely see anything on the screen. Never happened to me before could it be because of the mouse I'm using?(Razer DeathAdder)

Also someone also said something about mouse acceleration, is that a problem?

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Most FPS nowadays use raw mouse input or similar that doesn't have such a thing as mouse acceleration. The few that don't often makes mouse acceleration toggleable in the settings (which I believe BioShock Infinite also does).

Mouse acceleration should, when talking about FPS, basically always be disabled.

Beyond that, however, it all depends on your own setup and preferred mouse handling. I myself prefer a stable static 1600-1800 DPI setting on my mouse that never changes, combined with "lower" mouse sensitivity in games. I say "lower" because in most games it's not really low per se, as I can still make a 180 turn with a flick of my hand.

In my case I often found myself having to set the mouse sensitivity to really low in games (as in, 10-15% of a 100% slider), but that seems to simply be the case for most games. I basically try and fine-tune the settings quickly until I find something that works fine and isn't too slow but also doesn't case me to 360 the camera simply when flicking the mouse across my mouse pad.

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I use between 800 and 1000 dpi with the settings usually turned all the way down in games, acceleration off and smoothing off. I have a deathadder elite as well, used a form of deathadder for almost a decade paired with a corsair MM600 mouse surface which I bought earlier this year.

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It sounds like you should turn your DPI down a lot.

There is a community called Mouse Sensitivity that is dedicated to mouse settings - they have a tool which can help you to analyse your mouse's DPI. You can also enter the sensitivity of a game that you feel comfortable in, and then you can 'convert' it into BioShock Infinite's settings so you get consistent sensitivity over both games.

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