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What are your favourite PC gaming podcasts, streams and YouTube channels?

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Highly informative series about gaming and current news, plus commentaries about games and their existing problems.



Fun; Hilarious; Amazing; Did I mention hilarious? Plays lots of fun Source games and has his own animated series.



Mainly a channel about co-op games, and some others apart, where constant stupidity and odd circumstances happen more often than not.

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teksyndicate - they make great video about reviews and news

officialduckstudios - i love his idiotic videos

gametheorists - he puts a lot of work into finding info about a game to prove his theory

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GopherVids - More famous for his tutorials series for Fallout new vegas or Fallout 3 but he does a long running let's play for Skyrim also wastelands 2, Witcher 2, etc.


AngryJoeShow - Found him a year or so ago and stuck to him, his account introduced to me to Totalbiscuit's content. Love him or hate him he's there.


CulveryHouse - Amazing videos and hilarious dude to follow.


OfficialNerdCubed - YMMV cause some love him and some hate him, can go ranty and whiney but the content he does is great.


Lazy Game Reviews - Let's plays and reviews of older games and even consoles and other things.


Centerstrain01 - Let's player that puts a lot of heart and soul into his videos. 


Super Bunnyhop - Similar to LGR but sticks to game reviews and some movie/hardware reviews.


Quill18 - If you don't know who Quill is then you are living under a rock, a go to guy if you wanna know things about Civ, Europa Universalis 4, etc.


Vash12349 - The guy is just hilarious, gaming from the very new to the older titles. Worth a watch i think.


Brodual - Not a let's player per se but does amazing reviews of skyrim mods.


That's about it.

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TotalBiscuit: He got me into a lot of great pc games and in this place. I don't know what else to say since other people already told enough reasons.


SuperBestFriendsPlay: The Hypest Podcast on the interwebs, but for better description a bunch of people (4 in total), how likes video games, anime stuff and wresttling.


NakaTeleeli: He is just another Let's Player but his reasons to like a game are very good and straight to the point, also I think he has a great voice and his videos with Elemental Ogre are amazing.

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