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What's your favourite game that was panned by the critics?

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  • 10 months later...

Duke Nukem Forever!  


I wasn't paying attention when it came out so when I found it for cheap months later on a Steam Sale it surpassed my expectations.  Just a fun popcorn/Michael Bay type story with the "Duke" humor added in.  I guess some people had been counting the days while it had vaporware status and had huge expectations but since I didn't have that mindset I enjoyed it for what it was, a decent "rails" shooter in a B-movie world.  I'd actually like a sequel, lol!

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  • 3 months later...

Mighty No. 9 recently has became one of mine, even moreso on PC. As much as this game has got bashed on by critics and especially the toxic hatedom it gained, I found the game fun to play. Is it amazing or ground-breaking? Not really in my opinion, but I don't need it to be. While it does have some problems I could make a list of, but for what it did for me, it kept me playing and getting better, driving me to better high scores and learn some of the nuances in its gameplay. My experience with Mighty No. 9, if anyone would believe it, started with the Wii U version, which isn't the console-bricking mess many are claiming, it was far from ideal thanks to performance issues, bugs and glitches left over (from my experience, most were harmless but a few times it crashed and hard locked the system until I rebooted it), and longer loading times (but it was nothing compared to Sonic the Hedgehog 2006). It was decent when I first played it on Wii U despite these problems, but since I've recently purchased the game again on Steam, my experience with Mighty No. 9 has been so much better. I've heard accusations of the game being badly optimized on PC, which is absolutely not true for me; I have a relatively medium-spec system running Windows 10 Home 64-bit with a Nvidia GeForce GTX 750, AMD FX-4350, and 4GB of RAM, and Mighty No. 9 is running beautifully for me. Haven't ran into any bugs, playing on max settings at 1080p, runs at a slick 60 FPS with very rare and few frames drops, almost no load times, and controls are sharp and responsive, even with V-sync enabled. All this blew my expectations of playing the game on PC and enjoying the game even more for it.

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I actually just happened to got the Mighty No. 9 myself when my friend who backed it gave it to me, saying they already played trough DRM-Free version at some point and it wasn't the game they enjoyed.


You are right in the sense that the game isn't exactly bad, but it's clearly mediocore at best. At least in current years, if the game is mediocore many simply view it as bad. Also bigger issue with that game was the hype around it, I'm pretty sure even if you weren't fan of the game you were constantly hearing bad news about it which then impacted how you would perceive the game when it came out. Releasing on tens of platforms at the same time didn't help either because all of them even now still has their system specific issues. Also doesn't help that Azure Striker Gunvolt was released not too long ago, even being almost direct 3DS port job with 30 FPS caps and other severe technical issues, it still felt much better to play. 


As for me, controller wasn't working at all at first, game was capped at 62 FPS, after couple of stages I was struggling to get 20 FPS on 980 Ti, graphics looked cheap instead of what they might've been going for and quit out of boredom. But I can still see someone enjoying this. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Vietcong. Sure, the graphics are poor and the AI is crap but it has atmosphere, awesome open levels and a short of shallow story that makes it a great alternative to watching a war film. No big bad guy or anything, just a guy fighting a war and not dying. I want to play this game now.

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