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Proposal: Add Communities Sub Section

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Proposal: Add Communities Section


This was originally proposed specifically for the Star Wars Episode 1 Racer wiki but I think this is also relevant across all game communities. 

In some instances, when newcomers arrive on a wiki page, it is valuable to be able to connect with members of that gaming community.

In my specific case, it was very useful to have the SWE1R discord (unofficial) linked in the General Information section.

As a modder, it allowed me to connect with other community members and get a project off the ground.

From what I understand after having a conversation with staff in the PCGamingWiki Disord server, having this link posted under General Information goes against the wiki policy.

Therefore I propose that policy is edited to include a communities section.


Proposal: Add Communities Section

Adding a "Communities" section to the wiki right below General Information would allow people like myself who are looking to connect and collaborate with other community members, to easily do so.

The SWE1R community, like so many communities surrounding older games, is very small and having visibility for various communities to connect with newcomers is so important.

It means that people such as myself can find those communities in the first place! For example, had the policy been enforced and this discord link not have been posted under the General Information section, I wouldn't have been able to even begin my mods for the game.

Connecting with other people was essential to make the SWE1R HD Upgrade Pack a reality.

Making Community Links visible and easily accessible at the top of the wiki is vital to the future growth of many small communities.

I urge your team to take this into consideration.

Thank you,

- J King

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Adding a section just below the General Information section doesn't really solve any of the current issues, and will only result in even more wasted space at the top.

In another thread and in previous discussions the removal of e.g. stuff like community-driven wikis have also been mentioned as possible changes.

I can see a benefit in having a general "everything goes" community section at the bottom of articles in Other Information, as that have generally been considered the place for non-technical stuff like mods or info not applicable to any of the other sections, etc. It would also serve as a general acceptable place to list however or whatever community members would feel beneficial, and the lack of prominently being featured on the articles would also prevent edit wars.

So in short:

  • General information - Official game resources
  • Other information -> Communities (or however it would be called) - "everything goes" community section filled with links and whatnot to unofficial resources and stuff.

To bridge the two, we could add a link in the general information taking visitors down to the bottom (e.g. "See community-oriented links" or something similar).

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I don't know what the current issues are that you're referring to.

You're far more knowledgeable about the going ons of your wiki than I am.

All I can share with you is my own experience with pcwikigaming.com as well as my own experience as an administrator of numerous communities.

Having a dedicated section for known and established communities, especially for older games where the publishers or studios are now defunct, is incredibly useful for people looking to connect with others that are passionate about those specific games.

Burying or removing community links altogether does a disservice to the end user who is seeking to connect as well as to what I presume is the primary goal of the wiki, to provide the best and most relevant information about a game to the end user.

Whatever your team decides, is up to you. That is my 2 cents.

Thanks again for taking the time to consider my input.


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To make a long story short, there's a ton of ongoing undercurrents that your proposal touches upon 🙂

To give you a tiny glimpse into it, I'll just quote myself from another ongoing thread regarding the removal of unofficial wikis in the general information section:

On 6/7/2019 at 5:02 PM, Aemony said:
  •  This touches partially on what PCGW wants to be, and cover. PCGW have included mentions of official/community wikis as well as "fan sites" as acceptable being listed in the General information section for years now, and while perhaps a wiki haven't been listed in all cases, it is one of the more frequently seen links of articles. This is one of the least "technical-focused" aspects of articles, and is more about general information about the universe of the game etc.
    •  Basically, do PCGW only want to concern itself with technical stuff about a game, or try to serve as a universal springboard for further resources a player might want.
      •  Should players be linked to PCGW only when it concerns technical matters, or should PCGW be able to link players forward in non-technical matters as well?
    •  This relates to possible discoverability of titles through PCGW, if such a thing is desired as a goal of the site.

I think the idea of a separate communities section or community-based resources is overall good, and am glad that we have an official proposal thread for it to keep track of it. We just need to figure out how to fit it into what PCGW wants to be and balance it with the various factors involved.

For the moment the "other information" section sounds the most appropriate due to its general "everything goes" nature. It is, of course, also possible we can find a solution to feature it higher up the page in an appropriate manner, e.g. collapsed by default to prevent even massive lists of community resources and sites from overtaking the rest of the page.

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I understand.

Well, I hope your team sides in favour of being a "one stop shop" repo for all gaming info.

The technical should maintain priority imo but at the same time servicing the greater gaming community as a hub to other community resources that perhaps might not fit within PCGM's original scope is quite valuable and seems relevant to me as an end user of your site.

I'll keep an eye on your team's developments!

Thanks again!


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PCGamingWiki in 2012 was initially envisioned as a technical-only website providing only quantitative data on fixes, and we have been strict on enforcing this for the last 7 years. Partly this was to keep our concept pure and make it easy to attract new editors. Another reason for this was being somewhat unsure of how we could moderate qualitative content - we already have substantial amount of arguments and edit wars about fairly straightfoward technical things!

However there is nothing in about 'PCGamingWiki' which limits itself to only fixes - we can potentially cover anything useful to the average PC gamer. In our Discord chats, I am always amazed about the amount of information about games that we collectively know and discuss, but cannot fit into our narrow single-row settings templates.

There are plans in the future to expand our remit substantially to cover more qualitative content and become more of a one stop shop for everything PC gaming. This is likely to include a Community section somewhere on the page. This probably won't be at the very top, but would be slotted in between other future headers - like 'port history', 'engine', 'reception', 'gameplay', etc.

As with everything on PCGamingWiki, changes like this need to be done over time, as each policy has ramifications over all 37,000 of our current articles. However a Community section, and other sections are on our radar. I believe that eventually becoming the 'one stop shop' could catapult PCGW as the #1 resource for everything PC gaming - potentially even the top search result for every PC game. This in turn will expand our editor base substantially, making it possible to finally have the manpower to fix every single PC game, past and future.

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