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Proposal: Genres and Modes

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In the beginning, PCGamingWiki shied away from including classification of games because we were focused only on fixes - we weren't interested if a game was a 'third person shooter' or a 'first person shooter' - we just wanted FOV fixes, widescreen fixes, etc.
However I think things could be improved - taking a queue from Wikipedia:
Firstly with the way the tables work, some genres don't require 'FOV' fixes for example 2D games. Or an 90s adventure game doesn't need an 'Inverted Y-Axis' option etc. A mode property would allow us to restrict certain tables so that this makes more sense. This would include things like: VR, 2D, 3D, 1st person, 3rd person, touchscreen, VR etc. Furthermore, in the future we could use this to categorise other features like microtransactions, lootboxes etc.
Genres are a great way of listing games. We could make lists of Puzzle games on Uplay, RPGs fan translated into Russian, etc.
How great would it be to see all the Local co-op games that are 2D rather than 3D (my wife can't play 3D games as she gets motion sick!). 
In terms of implementation, this could sit in the proposed Overview section as well as the Infobox itself.

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"First person shooter", "Third person shooter", "3D", "2D" are primarily all just different forms of perspective from which the gameplay is available.

"Genres" typically deal with content matter, as in "Adventure", "Action", "Racing", etc.


The way Valve currently handles this subject is to basically don't even bother. They define all of the above examples as "tags", and then allows developers to set which tag they prefer to have the game listed primarily as being under, and whatnot.


So the question is rather to what extent PCGW should start to categorizing games, and whether stuff like content matter of games is the purpose or just technical details such as 2D/3D and first or third person view.

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6 hours ago, Andytizer said:


Genre is really needed. Especially when viewing the page of an unfamiliar game.


6 hours ago, Andytizer said:

RPGs fan translated into Russian,

And adventure and visual novel (which are translated only  by fans)

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I would recommend referring to how MobyGames has determined genre naming/separation. A while ago they changed several terms that were ambiguous.

2D/3D should probably be avoided because this could be confused with the art style or presentation (e.g. many games from the '90s used 3D modelling to make pre-rendered sprites for a purely 2D game).

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Thanks for input all - I believe from the Discord discussion there is a huge amount of difficulty with binding 'Modes' with actual tables - so I think we will drop this idea and focus on the Modes and Genres themselves. There's been some input from MobyGames and WSGF and I think I will spend some time suggesting a structure from the top - and then we can discuss the individual merits and definitions more clearly.

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