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Subjective key points

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But that game is horrible port. It still runs terribly even today. It's not "I have 10 year old PC and it runs bad". 


Well, at least the keypoint starts with "Reports indicate". When reliable sources are provided, perhaps this keypoint can be used.

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Sorry to bump this topic back up but I'm interested to hear some opinions on this.


In the case of AC: Origins, the game has a good amount of settings (which isn't a good key point as was discussed here) but also visually displays the differences (see https://youtu.be/AjbbuWMR94A?t=877). Very hand in my opinion and haven't seen it very often yet. It also includes a benchmark which on same pages is already a ++ point. So I guess putting both points in one combined line would be acceptable?


But then there is the case of COD:WWII (see https://youtu.be/x3llyXsUTKI?t=52) Pretty much the same thing but no benchmark this time. So would just the visualization of the graphics settings alone be worth a positive key point?

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For comparisons we'd be using our own PC Reports, where available. This is biased, but I wouldn't recommend featuring YouTube videos from others as part of our articles, regardless of the content.

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