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Steam AppManifest Database

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Is there a database with all these files? They could have an empty "LastOwner" value in them if needed. Could they be automatically generated on the fly if the user didn't know what needs to be setup? (Where the hell does the "be" go, I can never tell).


This is what an AppManifest file looks like.

	"appid"		"3720"
	"Universe"		"1"
	"name"		"Evil Genius"
	"StateFlags"		"4"
	"installdir"		"Evil Genius"
	"LastUpdated"		"1474640799"
	"UpdateResult"		"0"
	"SizeOnDisk"		"1426713902"
	"buildid"		"250756"
	"LastOwner"		"0"
	"BytesToDownload"		"0"
	"BytesDownloaded"		"0"
	"AutoUpdateBehavior"		"0"
	"AllowOtherDownloadsWhileRunning"		"0"
		"language"		"english"
		"3721"		"1394410883735965698"
		"3722"		"3042191399206832395"

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Doesn't steam automatically do these things? Only situation where I have seen these files even touched was games which installdir changed, but even then regular reinstall also worked fine. 

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A database to do what?

Files are in the "root download folder" of game install folders and they are generated at installation time afaik.

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