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Trine Enchanted Edition

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Yes, I did try to make it clear in parts where stuff has been changed in enchanted version and linking to that version. 


But because original version is still available and can still be played from enchanted version, it's still necessary to have article for both. Earlier I left the steam appid and gog name away from it so people would be directed to enchanted article by default but apparently the appid redirecting page nowdays asks what page you want to go. 

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But because original version is still available and can still be played from enchanted version, it's still necessary to have article for both.

No, it shouldn't.

Just "presenting two versions" of the game isn't enough to justify the split.


For example, Red Faction Guerilla allows you to switch between latest Steamworks branch, and old GFWL one. There's even some difference in the graphics engine, but still we don't deem it separate.

I wouldn't really know about the changes in Trine then, but hell.. If everything Dying Light has passed still doesn't count (and I can't say I'm really against it), what then?


Anything short of Bioshock remasters seems madness.


And I'd love a bot [or something] that parses game names in forum posts and link them to the respective wiki pages :S


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I really hate when there are situations like this where there are two versions of the exact same game, but then people can be playing either one of the versions instead of being update to everyone, which has been annoying trend because of console rereleases. I can't even count how many games I have listed two times in steam library because of this. Trine actually does have also physical release which might be DRM-Free, meaning it will not get Enchanted update and because engine change is so drastically differend some may want to play the game in it's original state. 


Even in situations where engine stays the same, there still might be so much differences and fixes in newer version that it becomes total mess to keep them in single article and I have tried few times. Red Factions difference is really small so it's easy to be noted with couple notes, but when config and save paths change completely, fixes from old version do not work, new version has differend problems, new version has features old one doesn't have, etc. it becomes too messy to read when you simply want fixes and info of the version you personally are playing - or maybe even missread info of game having something it does not have. 


Actually Sega Genesis & Mega Drive Classics was really close to point I wanted to make seperate articles, but that has somehow managed to keep stuff under control, mostly because it's still an emulator to play games that play the same on everything. 


And bioshock remasters does seem like madness as they really seem like retexture work more than anything else, but there was no way of knowing this before the game was out and they can still be updated and users choose which one they want to play. 

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Wouldn't it be easier to have separate pages for every game? Even if both games barely differ? Merging two games into one page makes the whole page harder to read. To me the solution seems kinda obvious but I don't really know. I think notes are a bad way to get most differences across.

Only problem at that point is situations like this, where users might bump into other versions article and either thinking why everything is wrong or try inserting fixes to other version. 


Other than that I totally agree on the notion. It's also far easier to combine articles than it is to seperate them if becomes necessary. 

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