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HUD, menu and text scaling

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I'm new here and I can't say I read ALL of the editing guides, but I never came across the topic of HUD, menus and text scaling or lack of it in the game and should those be reported.


I recently played Area 51 on a 24" monitor on 1440p resolution. The problem is even though all the mentioned components were positioned on the screen correctly in the game, they were not scaled up at all and were very small. I even got stuck in the game because the indicator that shows that you can interact with something wasn't scaled and I simply missed it few times. If I were playing the game on a new 15" or 17" laptop with 4K resolution I probably couldn't be able to tell my health status how small it would appear, not to mention the crosshair doesn't scale as well and it would be tiny.


Since we are currently in the transitioning period when people switch from 1080p to 4K, unscaled text, hud and menus will be a bigger issue than before, especially on screens smaller than 24". So, if it isn't already there, I think there should be a category for these things added.


Edit: And I don't just mean scaling, but in general, the behavior of those things: scaling, stretching, proper positioning, etc...

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Hi and welcome! 


Usually those kind of issues are reported either on widescreen and 4K notes. Some games have the HUD, GUI, etc. scaling as a option, like Titan Quest Anniversary Edition. If there's no way to change the scaling, it's also really easily noted and if it's game breaking bad, make 4K status false. 

If it's not toggleable option but can be changed e.g. config, then just use "See 4K Ultra HD" and add in section "4K Ultra HD" under graphics table explaining what to do, alternatively under "issues fixed" with it's own header like in Bioshock Infinite.

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Thanks. Well, the explanation Marioysikax wrote could be added to the "video settings" page. Funnily enough, the HUD issue IS mentioned in the example there for 4K, but I think it does deserves more attention, I missed it.


Speaking of WSGF they only list "Hud Stretch" which is not really helpful.

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WSGF currently only has a HUD scaling setting for 4K grading, but it can still be noted in the text for other aspect ratios (the rating can also be set to a lower level if it is a significant enough issue).

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With more high resolution screens being available, plus different approaches in how UI, etc. is handled in modern games, it would be interesting to add info on UI scaling/placement options (I'm guessing also useful for accessibility), independent UI/rendering resolutions, etc.

That sounds more and more specific.


It should be left on WSGF imo.

I mean, aside of really cannibalizing them (what else should they wrote then?), I'm not seeing that possibly being presented in a light and straightforward way.

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