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Hi this is my first post on this forum, I've already contributed some pages here, here, here and here! And there's more to come!


I have a suggestion, to include a true/false list to say whether the game can be modded, like with textures, audio, .ini, entire models, even overhauls like with Skyrim or Mount and Blade Warband. Would be good to browse games that can be modded to find easier I think.

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Thanks for the contributions.

On topic, I'm pretty sure that any game can be modded given sufficient hexadecimal editing wizardry, making the classification of wether or not a game is moddable pointless.

But we could have a part on the page letting the user know if the game natively supports mods. By natively, I mean that there exists built-in ways to manage user-created content (for example: Steam Workshop support, the launcher of various Bethesda games which recognizes .esm files and lets you enable/disable them, etc.).

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Not all games can be hex modded. Denuvo anti-tamper prevents .exe hex editing as far as people are aware. Plus, there are some games with engine limitations that prevent the user from editing existing files and being replaced since they would be a different file size.


But I also like the idea of native mod support. :)

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That's very fine. I've been modding games since 2005 although I'm not heavy into it anymore. For every game it's entirely different, some require third party extractor tools, some are simple replacers, other games need their .exe hacked and so on. I'll be interested in what the rest have to say about this too.

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TL;DR: It would be pointless, too much crap to cover, it should have its own wiki, that's the only sane way to handle it, unless you are a masochist and wish to fit a whole game into a single page, simply saying that you can do X but not saying how is stupid and a waste of everyone's time when there are most likely far better existing resources that do a better job at covering, explaining and handling these type of things.


This wiki should always provide easy and already setup solutions when possible, modding is a whole other mess we shouldn't be getting into. We can't provide the necessary that's needed with the way the wiki works, we would have to eliminate a ton of needed info, we either have everything or nothing at all. The volume of info is too high.


(I tend to compress my posts later, I'll just leave this here just in case)


This modding stuff should have its own wiki. Things would get pretty clusterfucky in here, most people would most likely end up arguing about pretty much everything when it comes down to what should be posted.


There's too much crap that needs to be covered to begin with anyway, it really doesn't make sense for the wiki to handle this type of content, there's too much of it. For the most part the tweaks and fixes that are put up here are already setup, with mods that's a whole different story, most people have a hard time extracting an archive, mod making isn't exactly something everyone will care about, this information would only be useful to a very tiny audience, and most people who are into modding will most likely not even bother using the wiki as their main source of information, the amount of effort needed for such a thing would be monumental.


The biggest issue is that there's no way to properly compress all this information without completely eliminating the important stuff a modder might actually need, most articles already struggle to be small, there honestly wouldn't be much point in simply listing what stuff you could change for a game, if we can't even tell you everyting you need to actually know, in order to achieve these things. There are most likely already far more up to date resources for this type of stuff, along with far bigger and dedicated communities, this wiki is the last place I would be looking for in order to mod a game, I would most likely look up the official game forums or a fan site if anything, that's where you'll find the bulk of the resources.

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Well, it's not like I wouldn't find damn useful such thing (e.g.).

I mean, if not any for a random guy not to reinvent the wheel when documentation and tools were already there.


But.. for as much as wiki is technically named "pcgaming".. I have always seen this about fixing (albeit it wouldn't be bad to philosophically discuss this question)

Fixes are what we [currently?] aim for. "Mod tools" are just a "mean like another".


But don't despare! Why don't you get in touch with Xentax guys?

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How about having a separate page for a game, where you can put anything modding retaled in there?


Dead Space (Modding) or something like that.


I think this stuff should belong on another wiki though, but I'm not sure, maybe it could work, maybe not.

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