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Database of 60 FPS console games

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Emulators are at their golden age, I've had great results with Dolphin. Generally the console games are locked to their original frame rate, on some systems (PS1, GC, Wii at least) under 30 FPS (PAL games have lower frame rate, higher resolution than NTSC standard). There are frame rate hacks in existence.

Could PCGW start collecting console games that run at 60 FPS? I can help with testing.




Once I found an actively updated post about 60 FPS Wii games on the Dolphin forums, but wasn't able to find that thread again.

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My problem with this is that we'll never have enough users updating this information as Dolphin is updated over time. I started an initiative to get emulators and controllers articles with more thorough documentation, but they've mostly gone to the wayside due to lack of interest and difficulty in testing.


Dolphin has their own wiki that tracks game compatibility, doesn't it? I think that'd be the best place to track this, otherwise we'll be thinning ourselves out to track tens of thousands of games across all kinds of platforms.

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We do have console articles which are super barebones right now, basically just listing few stuff and emulators. I wouldn't have problems with having that info there, but it's differend matter of maintaining it as site has never focused on that and it would be odd to have only that info there. Would also assume that there might be some differences between emulators themselves. 



​I've emulated these games using Dolphin, all run at 60 FPS:

  • ​Super Mario Galaxy
  • ​Super Mario Galaxy 2
  • Donkey Kong Country Returns
  • New Super Mario Bros. Wii
  • Mario Kart Wii

But aren't those games that run 60 FPS natively on real hardware as well (as nintendo actually cares about gameplay)? At least I remember playing them and they looked like they ran at 60 or around that. Also glorious 480p after getting component cable to replace the bundled composite one. 

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