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External "Ease of Use" Feedback

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No way of asking for such things? There are some things I honestly know aren't clear enough, and it would help if I could get some feedback from actual users of the website, I mean like, not people currently registered on the forums, but random internet users. I'd be fine with really vague stuff too, as long as something is confusing I'd have to fix it.


There are quite a few edits I wanted to fix and make clearer but I've honestly lost track, I should've marked those pages a bit better than I did, are there no MediaWiki plugins which could help with that? Easily tracking edits which need to be fixed or cleared up in a nice list? Similar to the watchlist but for edits?


This really makes me wish the sub reddit wasn't completely dead.

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I usually just put stub or cleanup tags for such cases.


And "external" can't have anything to do with "internal", except after registration (which counts as internal then).

Otherwise I don't see how that couldn't be triggered by spam bots and all.


ps: and I didn't even know we had a sub

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Those are usually called user surveys which every single company makes, if you have Windows 10 with default settings or Origin running, even they pop up surveys from time to time. 

Problem is that people usually do not want to take surveys, because they take time and are boring. This is why those sometimes offer something at the end, was it free stuff, discounts or being able to take part of raffle. 


One other way to do things would be "give feedback" button, but being wiki site, what's the point with that when you can edit stuff yourself or open up discussion. Feedback button is also pretty prone for trolls and spambots. 


Best thing to do is to provide as friendly enviroment as possible, so people want to join in and improve stuff. From technical side, wiki and semantic mediawiki can be really scary things which already may prevent many from even thinking about editing. 

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