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Test on intel I7 4770k ,16gb  ram , Nvidia gtx 970 4g gaming  , driver 353.62 , samsung ssd 240 evo 240gb , Windows 10 64bit

Dying Light Steam version


This game stutter on full screen . Play the game in window mode . Use "WindowedBorderlessGaming" to play window full screen mode.


My settings: 1920x1080 60hz , Quality High ( shadow in ultra cause some frame drop) Nvidia gameworks on, distance 100%  . Run 60fps

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Fullscreen or windowed shouldn't really matter.

Also, is this "stutter" due to graphic card, processor or hard disk?

is the game . because the problem is same on amd\nvidia cards

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is the game

Yes, we all realize it's the game that stutters, and not windows update or steam.


What I was asking you is: what's the problematic component when that happens?

It's not like you have a problem, just because.

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      Why is this game lagging when steam is in online mode? Everytime in the menus too. It drops to 1 fps for 10 seconds and that repeats. Whenever I go into offline mode this problem dissapears. But why does this game work like this?
    • By tracerhd
      So I've been trying to get this game running at a stable 60 fps but none of my solutions are working. Running it at 130Hz is really bad, at 60Hz it's better but there are still big stutters in free roam. I remember that this game ran fine like 5 years ago. The strange this is that the game wont use my processors power at all.... It's like using one and a half core. I have 6 cores and setting the affinity to even real time is not helping. Tried processor lasso, no luck. Does anyone know a secret solution for this problem? I just want a stable 60 fps nothing more.
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      1) Test on intel I7 4770k 16gb ram Nvidia gtx 970 4g gaming driver 353.62 Windows 10 64bit

      2)Test on intel I7 4770k 16gb ram Amd r9 290x driver 15.7 windows 7 64bit 


      Gta v steam version


      Settings : 1920x1080 60hz. Quality: Max. Advanced graphic option: off. 


      I try to set all graphics option , the grass in ultra cause frame drop to 40fps!!

       For play on 60fps stable i set grass on high.


      anybody has this problem? is graphic option broken?


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      Test on i7 4770k 16gb ram Nvidia gtx 970 driver 353.62  
      Duke Nukem Forever steam version
      To reduce or eliminate the stutter try this :
      Option Graphics: Shadow Only world 
      If this don't work disable vsync
      I hope to help
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      Test on Intel i7 4770k 16gb Nvidia GTX 970 driver 353.62 Windows 7 pro 64bit
      Wolfenstein The Old Blood Steam version
      To fix stuttering try this settings:
      Vsync: off (It's broken in game ,force on AMD\NVIDIA control panel) Force triple buffer on AMD\NVIDIA control panel Shadow buffer: 2048.  Page frame max vr texturing: 16 subsurface scattering : OFF   Run on max detail , aliansing 2x  1920x1080p 60fps .   I hope to help
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