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Hiding redirects in the search box

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Is that possible? Would it be a pointless change? Would it hinder the search?



Having redirects in the search bar is necessary since a game might have different common spellings or have had different names over the years. Without them there, people, not being aware the game isn't spelled the way they think it is or that the game was originally called something else than it is now, will think we don't have a game they're interested in when we actually do.


That said, I agree how redirects are currently shown could use improvement. Here's my take:


The redirects would be displayed in grey (maybe darker than shown here for legibility) and indented under the article they link to. They'll still highlight so people can see that yes, this is related to what you're looking for. If it was deemed needed for some further clarity, I could see something to indicate these redirects are, in fact, directly related; something like this, perhaps:


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This would be a feature for MediaWiki to implement, I think. I don't know if we have the ability to modify search that much, or if we can, I have no idea if we have the developers to do it. I am not particularly well-versed in PHP, not sure about Soeb or Garrett.

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Wikimedia wikis have a result closer to what you're wanting due to using a different extension for search suggestions. Soeb would have a better idea of how viable it would be to use that (there might be a bigger server impact or something).

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Or we could just remove stupid redirects.

I mean.. there's no point in having an uppercase and lowercase version of the name of games.

Also, I don't see why there should be a version with roman number "II" and normal number "2"


But I'd be intrigued to hear the opinions of others about abbreviations.

Like GTASA, NFSU2, BFBC2, SC2 and such.

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Aren't some redirects done because of that? Many games starting with "the" and games having roman numbers are really good examples. If redirects are hidden then they won't help in almost anything.

"The" case is an example of good redirects.

But that's at the start. It's not like after you type it you have 20 different names of the same game.


Roman numbers instead are at the end. And by the time you arrive there I don't think there will be many other results in your search box.

In the limit case of a game series with many entries (which I guess is the worst situation for this idea).. I tried and well, actual mediawiki implementation seems to work good even then. I mean, try to search for "might and magic".

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