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Again, I put FRAPS in there to give people a choice between utilities. I'll add MSI Afterburner as an option later on.


As I said, I have no problems with alternatives like it's the case for borderless fulscreen. But they are all free, and...  !! What the hell! Eight programs!

That would madden even me. Let alone a casual reader.


Anyway as I said.. If we really have to mention random paid tools, my vote goes to dxtory which at least as a couple of unique features compared to the mass. It's not like somebody that needs recommendations would need distributed writing... Still if I really had to pay 32$ for a program that's it.


Whenever modifying files, it is ALWAYS a good idea to make a backup of it. There is still a chance that things can break, even if the person follows instructions exactly.


It is simply good practice. There should be no argument here.

And contrariwise.. I never did backups, personally.

Anyway my point is that instead of mentioning it about 4 fixboxes per game * 3000 games = >10000 times...

it may perhaps be better to just mention common practices in common advice/troubleshooting page.


Also because if you need somebody to tell you this[to make backup if you are uncertain], perhaps problem with your game will be missing new drivers.


I'm not going to start arguing the philosophical aspects of what's DRM with you. I honestly have no interest in that debate.


For the sake of simplicity, the rule stays as is.

And instead I'm really interested in the debate. Especially after soeb closed the previous thread.. because there were actual forum activity for once

Really, that[closing the therad] just raised annoyance between people.


And it's not about simplicity, otherwise there wouldn't even be a point in specifying different DRM revisions between different game releases..

If we are talking of DRMs then, philosophy is not irrelevant..

A client with no intrinsic limitations is not a DRM. Steam API may be a drm, but that's another story, already discussed.


Command line arguments is already the standard name used in the wiki. Unless anyone else believes differently, it stays as is.

I'm not a native speaker, but as wikipedia depict it it's more like:

  • command-line arguments or parameters are the other "entities" the application is going to actually deal with, like an input or output file
  • command-line options or flags or switches are modifiers of the behavior of the program, which indeed is what better matches the thingies we do

Anyways, I put the date there to give people an idea of the cutoff point where ATI becomes AMD. It doesn't matter how long the product line was being sold.

If I really wanted to be finicky, I would have said the precise date of the rebrand is 29 August 2010

But I was just saying that your sentence was a bit confused since it seems to say the entire series had been released the same day. Just that.


EAX is a library that used to be present in many games and deserves its own field. OpenAL and Aureal 3D, not so much. No need to change things, the Middleware table already handles that.

Yes, but the entire hardware DirectSound restoration issue is unknown 90% of times and we ought to think to to a plan to underline this.

Especially because 95% of times surround sound is compromised


Also, holy god: stress in all the possible way that refresh rate ≠ framerate. I really cannot stand when people tell to use vsync to lock fps, or when it seems that high fps issues should just affect those with a 120Hz screen. And it's even worse when somebody merge the two things.

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When I started following the editing guide creating a new page and saw some inconsistencies between the sample article and editing guide, I saw some differences between the two and made a thread about

The guide already talks about how to handle this sort of thing:   So in your case the file caption format will be "In-game keyboard settings (#/3)"   On a related note, for screenshots of remappi

I have no idea what you could possibly be referring to.

The US keyboard layout is considered the standard for the wiki.


If someone really wants to, they can make a page showing all the major keyboard layouts and key equivalents. That's the only possible solution I can see.

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Something should probably be said about when it's the case to still mantain manual tinkering instructions and when instead tool/automatic thing should be preferred altogether (or when both should coexist)

I would prefer that if both are available that both are also told. Automatic tool is always much better, but there are times when some may not want to download something, antivirus gives false positive which freaks out the user or if that tool refuses to work as intended. Maybe just have manual method collapsed if tool is available.

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I would prefer that if both are available that both are also told. Automatic tool is always much better, but there are times when some may not want to download something, antivirus gives false positive which freaks out the user or if that tool refuses to work as intended. Maybe just have manual method collapsed if tool is available.

As I said on IRC... in the case of the burnout page.. if I left that stressful solution instead of just the link to the tool there must have been a reason (which I don't remember.. but probably the tool was problematic in my tests)


In the case of Batman.. well that application is incredibly efficient and really straightforward.




Ok I tried again the Burnout program and it works pretty nicely too.. I don't know then.. I may have had problems with visual basic libraries....


if this is so... I'd say manual procedure should still be kept regardless of easier ones.. Merging the fixboxes like it's done in the burnout page then may be already a way to underline that's not like the usual situation where we list some fixes which may solve the same issue in all the different cases it happens, but they are instead one exclusive of the other
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Sorry I forgot to post about this earlier, on Windows 8 you can take a screenshot by holding Win+Print, the mouse cursor won't be captured. If the game is in fullscreen, the game itself might show up as black, faux borderless or borderless games should show up nicely. Win+Print takes a PNG screenshot of all the monitors. The screenshots are stored inside the Windows Images folder, I don't know what it is called in English.




A native Windows screenshot.



This might be a Windows 8 only feature though.

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Should a more PCGW like color be used when taking Windows screenshots?




I tried using the actual color in the logo and it just made everything unreadable. This isn't a great color either but it's probably better than this.


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For Windows screenshots under 8/8.1, use a light blue colour (labeled "Colour 12" in the preset colour list). It retains the colour theme of the wiki, while ensuring high contrast with text.


It should look something like this:




On another note, please provide screenshots in English if possible. It limits their effectiveness with the wiki majority otherwise.

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Parts of Wikipedia tips to write better pages may apply. In particular tone imo.


Albeit, I understand that when 80% of sentences say "copy this", "edit that", "run those" avoiding to use first persons is quite difficult

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I think the guide is almost ready for a full release. All that is left to do (on my end anyways) is add a general section on how to properly reference in the wiki.


Nicereddy (or someone else equally talented) needs to help come up with a custom table of contents solution and some graphics for it (header and an icon for the front page at the bare minimum).


Can I get an all clear from the other editors/mods/admins?

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