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Update: I have found an alternative method to skip the intro videos, which I have added to the wiki page as Method 2.





I'm attemping to follow the suggestion on the wiki page for Chaos Theory to remove the intro movies, along with the widescreen suggestions.



Skip intro videos • Link

Icon_fix.png Edit startup video playlist

  1. Open SplinterCell3.ini
  2. Comment (put a semicolon in front of) these lines: LogosVideo=logos_PC.bik (line 15) SplashVideo=introteaser_PC.bik (line 17) ESRBVideo=ESRB.bik (line 18)
  3. Save the ini file.



Icon_fix.png Widescreen - Singleplayer

  1. Open SplinterCell3.ini
  2. Adjust the following fields:
FullscreenViewportX= (line 98)FullscreenViewportY= (line 99)


Unfortunately neither seem to be working.  I've opened the correct files, commented out the lines and set my own X and Y resolution.  The game is ignoring them however.  The odd thing is that it isn't overwriting the files or anything, which makes me think the game ignores these files entirely for some reason.  I'm running the game through Steam, if it helps..






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From your screenshots it looks like you're editing the wrong file. You're editing files in the installation folder whereas the game page lists %PROGRAMDATA% (which is a different location). You should be able to paste the path as provided to go directly to the correct location.

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