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Civilization: Beyond Earth thoughts?

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Been playing for a bit but feels disappointing. Now I enjoyed Alpha Centauri A LOT and I was expecting something at least on-par with that experience. I haven't played a lot of Civ V but I know how it works. What disappointed me the most was the lack of character to the factions- they all just seem kind of same-y with hardly any distinctions. They should've tied certain factions to certain affinities. Also, the end-goals are fiddly as hell. I tried a Supremacy run and after you've built the 'gate' you have to put around 15-20 units into the gate but only 1 can go through at a time, which is very annoying and fiddly. And from what I understand, the Purity run is even more annoying as you have to create 4 new cities, and there's a space restriction on where you can place them. What do others think?m

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I've played it on a stream and it seemed cool to me, I like the more beffier aliens than the barbarians although I feel as if the unit variety might not too large. I've only played for two hours or so up until turn 100 so I am not sure. I like it so far tho.


I am kinda dissapointed that Beyond Earth doesn't have multiple planets, as that's what I was actualy hoping to see and I thought we'd actualy first play on earth then we'd get on the alien planet.

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In a way the game can be considered to be a continuity of Civ's science victory. You could just play Civ V with a science victory and then start a new Beyond Earth game :).


What is pissing me off is the lack of thought about things like trade routes - if you have a large city with 3 nodes in every city in the end-game, it means manually setting trade routes on every turn. It's strange that they didn't think to automate some part of this.

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