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  1. PC Report: Dead Rising - Optimized Video Settings

    System Requirements


    • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon X2 @ 2.8 GHz
    • RAM: 2 GB
    • HDD: 8 GB
    • GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6770, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti (DirectX 11)
    • OS: Windows 7, 8.1, 10 (64-Bit)


    • CPU: Intel Core i5 Family or AMD Equivalent
    • RAM: 8 GB
    • HDD: 3 GB
    • GPU: ATI Radeon HD 7790, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 (DirectX 11)
    • OS: Windows 7, 8.1, 10 (64-Bit)

    Editor's System

    • CPU: Intel Core i5-6500 (Skylake)
    • RAM: 32 GB DDR4 2133MHz (Kingston HyperX Fury)
    • SSD: 500 GB (Samsung 850 EVO)
    • GPU: MSI R9 380 4 GB
    • OS: Windows 10 (Version 1607) (64-Bit)
    These system requirements aren't too demanding but a graphics card which supports at least DirectX 11 is needed in order to actually run the game, along with a 64-Bit system.

    Most modern systems shouldn't have any issues running the game at smooth a framerate, even at ultra high resolutions. However certain resolutions are not listed such as 1366x768.

    Video Settings

    The game currently doesn't have a field of view setting, there's also a depth of field effect present in the game which cannot be disabled.

    V-Sync and Framerate

    Currently the game has some microstuttering issues in larger open areas, as a workaround set the Framerate setting to 60 or Variable (for high refresh rate screens). Set VSync to On.

    Ideally the V-Sync setting should always be enabled to lessen the amount of microstuttering and to ensure a smooth framerate distribution.

    Frametime Benchmark 60 FPS No VSync

    Frametime Benchmark 60 FPS VSync

    While using a Variable framerate, disabling the V-Sync mode can lead to a very large delay in milliseconds before a frame is drawn, causing extra microstutter.

    Frametime Benchmark Variable Framerate No VSync

    Frametime Benchmark Variable Framerate VSync


    The MSAA setting does a pretty poor job at masking most jaggies, any differences are very difficult to spot even while using values higher than MSAA X2.

    Click on the images to see the animated comparisons, they are best viewed in a fullscreen tab.

    Antialiasing Animated Comparison Far

    Antialiasing Animated Comparison Far

    There's a strange flickering effect which is most likely caused by the lack of any proper antialiasing techniques.

    Click on the images to see the animated comparisons, they are best viewed in a fullscreen tab.

    Antialiasing Animated Comparison Close

    Antialiasing Animated Comparison Close

    On lower end systems this setting can dramatically affect the overall performance, lower or disable this setting if needed.
    Antialiasing FPS Benchmark

    Motion Blur

    As the camera moves blur is heavily applied over the entire scene, some artifacts are also often present. This setting mainly comes down to user preference, otherwise there is very little point in keeping this setting enabled if a higher framerate is needed.

    Frank Blur

    Once this setting is applied the overall framerate will be impacted, even when no motion is present, as such this setting should be disabled if a higher framerate is needed or if the game is stuttering.

    Motion Blur FPS Benchmark

    Shadow Quality

    This setting mainly controls how the shadows will look like. On the lowest settings they will have a blockier look, while at higher values the game will begin using hard shadows instead, these shadows can never be completely disabled.

    It mainly affects very specific entities, such as certain decorative objects and all characters.

    Notice how the door and the main character are no longer brightly glowing.

    Click on the image to see an animated comparison. This image is best viewed in a fullscreen tab.

    Shadows Animated Comparison

    Not all objects benefit from this setting, certain entities will still be using lower quality shadows such as the electrical's panel power cord. This issue is often visible in certain cutscenes on most characters.

    Click on the image to see an animated comparison. This image is best viewed in a fullscreen tab.

    Shadows Poor Animated Comparison

    When this setting is enabled all characters will begin casting their own shadows, it also changes how they look when under other shadows.

    Click on the image to see an animated comparison. This image is best viewed in a fullscreen tab.

    Character Shadows Animated Comparison

    This setting has a minor performance impact in enclosed spaces with no characters.

    Shadow Quality Setting Benchmark (Corridor)

    In areas filled with zombies expect large performance drops, all actors will cast their own shadow. Disable this setting if needed.

    Shadow Quality Setting Benchmark (Zombies)

    Depth of Field

    Currently this setting cannot be disabled, this effect is very heavily used throughout the entire game in order to mask poorly aliased areas. It is also used very often during most cutscenes in order to give the game a more cinematic look.

    Depth Of Field Cutscene 1

    Depth Of Field Cutscene 2

    Notice how the lights and the signs are almost completely out of focus.

    Depth Of Field Hallway

    Performance Analysis

    These are the optimal settings used for this system for usual gameplay. These settings are balanced in order to provide the best performance and visual quality possible. Among the most performance intensive choices are the Antialiasing modes, the Shadow Quality setting and the Motion Blur setting. Lower any of these options in order to gain a significant performance boost if the game is running poorly.

    For the best experience set V-Sync to On and the Framerate to a value of 60 on normal screens or Variable while playing on a high refresh rate screen.

    Optimal Settings

    Whenever an enemy was hit with a melee weapon the game suddenly stopped for a moment. There are constant microstuttering issues in some of the more open areas, however the framerate itself was perfectly fine.


    Some basic sound options along with some other general settings.

    Audio And Camera Settings


    Most input settings are located in the Options menu. There have been no issues with the mouse and keyboard controls, some of the default keyboard bindings might feel odd however, make sure to rebind some of the stranger keys to anything more comfortable before playing. Certain parts of interface such as the map feel odd to navigate with a mouse. The game also features some mild mouse acceleration which cannot be disabled.

    Sensitivity Settings

    Most keys can be rebound, only certain special keys cannot be used (Print Screen, Scroll Lock, Pause). There's a minor issue where only the Mouse 4 button can be bound, the Mouse 5 button isn't being detected by the game.

    Keyboard Bindings Settings

    All controller buttons can also be reassigned as desired.

    Controller Bindings

    These are the optimal bindings used for this system for usual gameplay, a mouse and a keyboard was overall better over a gamepad due to the rather awkward default control scheme.

    Different Keyboard Bindings 1

    Different Keyboard Bindings 2

    Different Keyboard Bindings 3


    Higher end systems should be able to comfortably run the game at pretty high framerates, although the more open areas might be affected by some serious microstuttering issues. As a workaround the VSync setting should be enabled and the frame limiter setting should also be set to at least 60 FPS. On lower end systems or while playing at a higher resolution the shadow quality, antialiasing and the motion blur should all be lowered in order to ensure a smoother experience.

    There are some minor gameplay issues, one of these being related to the quick time events, which appear when the player is being grappled by a zombie, if such prompts fail to appear quickly mash the A and D, or Q and E keys, along with the Left Mouse and Right Mouse buttons in order to get past this issue. Whenever an enemy was attacked with a melee wepon, the game would pause itself for a few milliseconds, this could possibly be by design however.

    Overall this is a solid release with a few minor issues, although the video settings could include a few more advanced tweaks but otherwise there aren't any other issues with the game. Performance wise there shouldn't be any major problems.

    • Oct 09 2016 03:40 PM
    • by RaTcHeT302