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Found 155 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    This is a modified exe for Toy Story that fixes the "Unable to link to KERNEL32.DLL!" error on newer versions of Windows. This was not made by me.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is an unofficial patch for "Croc: Legend of the Gobbos". It allows for: Widescreen. Select between PSX, PC and DEMO soundtracks in the settings. More Audio and Display options than the original game. A number of controllers are now natively supported. Among others. This patch was created by: crocguy0688 From the maker of the patch:
  3. Version 1.0.0


    The original update patches for DYSNOMIA and DYSNOMIA ExBurst retrieved from 2CCP's defunct website using the Internet Archive and downloading the original files from their (still active) Google Drive links. The included readme file features details about each patch and how to use them to upgrade the original DYSNOMIA (the original Comiket 75 release) to DYSNOMIA ExBurst or to update the latter from a later re-release (e.g. DLsite, the Comiket 77 release). These patches are uploaded for posterity and provided as-is.
  4. Version 1.352


    Mortyr 2: For Ever patch 1.352 It fixes a rare issue in Windows XP SP2 ("flying up" when the game starts) and some other minor problems. Patch works with the following language versions: English, German, French and Polish. Other language versions are already updated to v1.352. Taken from the official website (archived).
  5. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    This is the v1.06 update patch for the original Armored Hunter GUNHOUND (not EX) for those that have gotten a hold of the original CD-ROM or DLsite releases of the game. The zip archive simply contains a new executable with the updates and fixes. Just extract the new executable and overwrite the original when prompt. This file was pulled from Dracue Software's shut down official game website via Wayback Machine and being uploaded as-is here for posterity.
  6. Version


    This tiny patcher will unlock the 21:9 aspect ratio in the game menu, allowing to select ultrawide and many other resolutions under "???" for extra FOV. Download the archive, unpack it, then use the included tool to patch \OuterWilds\OuterWilds_Data\globalgamemanagers
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Direct3D Patch/Executable for the PC version of Virtua Fighter 2. Can replace or be used alongside the original executable.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    NADEO re-released the original TrackMania as TrackMania Original a.k.a TrackMania Power Up! There is another patch that upgrades TrackMania Original/Power Up to version 1.5.2 from 1.5.0.
  9. Version 1.4.1


    This is the final and last update that was released to the retail version of Borderlands (2009) before the transition over to Steamworks for multiplayer and as such the update is only applicable to retail copies and installs. Note that this update includes a SecuROM v7.42.0004 protected executable for the game.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    A patch (presumably unofficial) that allows the 1999 South Park game by Acclaim to use a Glide renderer, and in turn allow to be upscaled by nGlide. See installation instructions at the PCGamingWiki article for this game. Downloaded from http://www.zeus-software.com/downloads/nglide/compatibility.
  11. Version 1.02


    This is a patch issued by KOKOCapcom, Capcom's Korean branch, to update Rockman X7 to version 1.02. I do not know what precisely this patch fixes. This file was downloaded from https://www.interordi.com/mega_man_pc/downloads/ and hosted here for convenience's sake.
  12. Version public beta


    The last known revision of former Pandemic Studio employees Nathan Mates and Ken Miller's unofficial 1.3 patch for Battlezone II: Combat Commander before download links were pulled in March 2018. Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20180126011036/http://matesfamily.org/bz2/
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Split/Second patch that removes the 30 FPS limiter and enables the game to run at 60 Hz; it also fixes physics to ensure physics and power plays work. Created by ducon2016. Run NoobPatcher.exe Select the unpatched (original) .exe Select "SplitSecond.NoobDiff" Wait for the file to get patched Run the newly created patched .exe
  14. Version v1.1


    The Steam version of FlatOut is the v1.0 version. This is the v1.1 patch for FlatOut that works with the Steam release. GOG is already patched to v1.1, and does not need this patch. Originally posted by Clya900, the patch was missing 2 files are now included in this download, patch1.bfs, and patch.ini. Without these files, the game would fail to load, and shows a Runtime error. The game now has been tested on the Steam version, and works perfectly fine.
  15. 89 downloads

    This patch fixes an issue in Fallout Tactics that causes items to disappear from the inventory. Only use this patch if you experience items disappearing.
  16. Version 1.21


    Official patches to update Battlefield Vietnam to the latest version. Install the full update v1.2 first before applying the incremental patch to version 1.21. Note: The official WW2 mod should be installed before patch v1.2.
  17. Version 1.0


    This is the official 1005 NA Patch from softlab-nsk. Simply extract and copy it into your hard truck 2 install directory.
  18. Version 1.61b


    Incremental patch to v1.61b for the retail version of Battlefield 1942 which requires v1.6.19 to be installed.
  19. Version 1.6.19


    This patch updates the retail version of Battlefield 1942 to v1.6.19. No previous patch is required.
  20. Version 1.0


    The American Girls Dress Designer was originally intended to be run on Windows 95, 98 and ME. At the time, NT was a business-grade operating system, and supporting an OS few families would even bother owning would add up to development costs. The patch fixes an issue with Dress Desginer that prevented popup windows from being displayed ingame. Before the fix: After applying the patch: Made this mostly to aid doll collectors and families in getting this game to run on modern operating systems, in response to numerous complaints on Amazon and elsewhere, with at least one going so far as to throwing their copy in the bin. :/
  21. 1,452 downloads

    SkyNET Unofficial Patch 2017 SkyNET (aka The Terminator: SkyNET) is Bethesda's 1996 sequel to The Terminator: Future Shock, a Quake-like game set in the Terminator universe. This is an all-in-one patch which includes every known fix and improvement for the game. This patch: Updates the game to v1.01. Allows for playing entirely from the hard drive. Starts the game with 640x480 (SVGA) mode enabled. Fixes crashes at the start of gameplay (aka the "SVGA fix"). Fixes crashes when entering buildings (aka the "door fix"). Credit to ripsaw8080. Extends the visual range (so that structures and objects are visible from farther away). Credit to WERTA & Corak. Corrects the night sky color from blue to black (as it was in Future Shock). Credit to WERTA & Corak. Includes an INSTALL.DAT to aid users in setting up the game and adding Future Shock. The following screenshots demonstrate the two visual improvements: extended visual range and sky color correction. (What the left image can't show is that buildings and other objects suddenly appear in the distance as you approach. In overlay mode, they gradually fade in from black. It may see too dark here, but it should look better in the game.) To apply/install: 1. Copy these files and folders to your SkyNET game folder, overwriting the ones there. 2. If using DOSBox: * Set output=overlay in your .conf file. This gives the best appearance with the extended visual range because it's slightly darker than other modes, greatly helping distant objects to gradually appear out of the shadows. * Make sure that DOSBox is v0.74 or a recent SVN build. Pre-0.74 versions and older SVN builds may have very poor performance or crash in 640x480 mode. Future Shock: To play Future Shock (SkyNET's 1995 predecessor) in SkyNET's 640x480 mode and with the extended visual range, copy or install it to SkyNET's new SHOCK folder, then run SkyNET, choose New Game and select Future Shock. If you prefer to keep it elsewhere, edit the "fspath" line in INSTALL.DAT accordingly. SkyNET install tip: To do a full installation of SkyNET to the hard drive, copy the SKYNET folder from the CD, copy this patch over it and run SETUP.EXE to configure your sound drivers. That eliminates having to mount the CD in DOSBox and go through the installation program, after which you still would've had to copy the SKYNET folder, since even the largest installation option leaves most of it on the CD. 320x200 mode: To start SkyNET in 320x200 mode, run GAME.EXE instead of SKYNET.EXE. GAME.EXE is the actual patched game executable (formerly SKYNET.EXE) which starts in 320x200 mode by default and SKYNET.EXE is a new launcher which tells it to run in 640x480, instead, so that you don't have to change the resolution to 640x480 every time that you start the game. Blue sky: If you prefer to keep the original blue sky, don't copy GAMEDATA\MDMDIMGS.BSA. Be aware, though, that Future Shock's sky color was black, so Future Shock won't look as it originally did if you play it through SkyNET. Menu mouse bug: After dismissing the intro, if the main menu options are unresponsive to clicks, simply RIGHT click anywhere to fix it. This isn't a bug in this patch, but with this game and DOSBox's overlay mode. You may experience it only now because overlay mode is recommended for this patch (because of how much more nicely objects fade in from the shadows in it). Rather than change modes to avoid the bug, it's recommended that you work around it by right-clicking... or simply rename GAMEDATA\OPENING.VID to disable the intro, so that you don't have to dismiss it and encounter the bug. Credits: ripsaw8080 @ vogons.org (door fix) WERTA & Corak @ old-games.** (extended visual range and sky color fix) Bethesda Softworks® LLC © 1996 (game) SkyNET and The Terminator: Future Shock are the property of Bethesda Softworks® LLC. This patch is not made, offered or supported by Bethesda Softworks.
  22. 338 downloads

    Strike Commander CD Missile Fix This patched version of Strike Commander's Strike.exe fixes an issue with missiles being less effective than they should be because enemy planes evade them more often than they should. This issue seems to be due to the higher number of CPU cycles in modern machines and emulators giving enemy planes higher-than-designed reaction times to deploy counter measures. It can be avoided by lowering the CPU cycles (to roughly 10,000) to simulate the performance of mid-90s hardware, but that results in the choppy gameplay that the game had back then. This patch allows you to fix the missile issue while keeping the game running smoothly. This applies only to the CD-ROM edition and any re-releases which use it, like GOG's. The floppy version is unaffected by this issue. To use, simply replace your STRIKE.EXE with the included one. It would be good to backup your original first, though. For reference and in case GOG or someone else wants to incorporate the fix, these were the hex edits made: 0xD4AD 66 -> EB 0xD4AE 26 -> 2B All credit for this patch goes to Harr-Nuta on the GOG forums: https://www.gog.com/forum/strike_commander/missile_gullibility/page1
  23. Version 1.0


    A preconfigured compilation of community made mods and fixes meant to fix the game while keeping the game vanilla. Addressed to all newcomers who want to play the game properly without fiddling around with multiple downloads and configuring settings. I wanted to simplify this process. Includes: Style Switcher 3.1.3 for best performance and maintaining core vanilla experience 360 pad support HQ music fix including missing tracks and proper looping button prompts for PS2, 360 and Xbox One pads properly working UI at 16:9, 16:10 and 4:3 aspect ratios Follow the instructions in readme.txt file.
  24. 293 downloads

    Wings of Glory "Customer Wishlist" Version 2.2 2/28/95 Readme file 1. Overview ---------------------------------- This update is being provided to add a few features that have been frequently requested by our users. These options can be turned on and off by the user to customize the game more to your specific skills and preferences. Again, these options were added at the request of a few users, they may or may not be suitable for your flying skills and preferences. Remember these options can be turned of and on as you like. 2. Installing the Up-date ---------------------------------- 2.1 The first step to installing the Update is to copy the new GLORY.EXE file into your Wings of Glory directory. This file is identical to the original file with the exception of adding the new options. ***NOTE*** After installing the update you find you wish to return the game to its original version, simply reinstall the game from the CD. 3. The new Options ---------------------------------- 3.1 You can activate any of the following options while in flight. Simply use the key-command for the specific options you wish to activate. As these options are activated a plaque will appear with the name of the option and its status. These options will not show up in the Options menu ( [Alt] O ), but will be saved when you select SAVE in the Options menu. The first time you play the game with the new file you will need to reset your options in the game. They may default to settings different than when you last played the game. 3.2 Spins [Alt] S This option will allow the plane to get into a spin much easier. This feature will only work if Stalls are on in the Options Menu 3.3 Faster Rotation Response [Alt] R The only way to describe this option is to call it the "F-16" option. This will cause your WW1 plane to rotate like a jet. This option is intended for users who are having trouble maneuvering their plane. If you are not having trouble flying the plane we recommend NOT selecting this option. 3.4 Far Terrain Clipping Auto This feature relieves most of the line blocking in the terrain when looking from far away. This option is automatic and can not be turned off. 3.5 Black outs [Alt] P This was a strongly debated subject about if you could black out in a WW1 airplane. It was very hard to find documented incidents regarding black-outs in WW1 aircraft. For those of you who wanted them, here they are. With this option on you will still find it very hard to black-out, especially if you have Wing Shearing turned on. 3.6 Lewis Gun View [F8] This option allows you to look at roughly a 45 degree angle up in all the planes. This works well in some planes and not so well in others. 3.7 Unlimited Fuel [Alt] U This is for those of you that just lack the little bit of fuel to return home after the battle. If you find you run out of fuel too much and want to remove that problem, this option is for you. 4.0 Comments and Problems ---------------------------------- 4.1 Replay Tapes Replay tapes will only work with the EXE they were originaly recorded with. If you wish to view the replay tapes made with the original game or supplied with the clue book you will need to make a copy of the original GLORY.EXE before installing the Wishlist. Use the following as an example. C:\WOG\>Copy GLORY.EXE GLORY.OLD When you install the Wishlist make a backup of your new executable also. Name the new EXE file GLORY.NEW. Use the following example. C:\WOG\>Copy GLORY.EXE GLORY.NEW To view replay tapes recorded from the original version or provided with the Clue Book, type C:\WOG\>Copy GLORY.OLD GLORY.EXE This will replace the Wishlist EXE with the origial EXE. To get the Wishlist EXE back type the following. C:\WOG\>Copy GLORY.NEW GLORY.EXE 5.0 ---------------------------------- We hope you find these options helpful. If you have any comments or problems with any of the options please feel free to contact us. Origin Systems Inc 1995
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