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Found 150 results

  1. Version


    Wings of Glory "Customer Wishlist" Version 2.2 2/28/95 Readme file 1. Overview ---------------------------------- This update is being provided to add a few features that have been frequently requested by our users. These options can be turned on and off by the user to customize the game more to your specific skills and preferences. Again, these options were added at the request of a few users, they may or may not be suitable for your flying skills and preferences. Remember these options can be turned of and on as you like. 2. Installing the Up-date ---------------------------------- 2.1 The first step to installing the Update is to copy the new GLORY.EXE file into your Wings of Glory directory. This file is identical to the original file with the exception of adding the new options. ***NOTE*** After installing the update you find you wish to return the game to its original version, simply reinstall the game from the CD. 3. The new Options ---------------------------------- 3.1 You can activate any of the following options while in flight. Simply use the key-command for the specific options you wish to activate. As these options are activated a plaque will appear with the name of the option and its status. These options will not show up in the Options menu ( [Alt] O ), but will be saved when you select SAVE in the Options menu. The first time you play the game with the new file you will need to reset your options in the game. They may default to settings different than when you last played the game. 3.2 Spins [Alt] S This option will allow the plane to get into a spin much easier. This feature will only work if Stalls are on in the Options Menu 3.3 Faster Rotation Response [Alt] R The only way to describe this option is to call it the "F-16" option. This will cause your WW1 plane to rotate like a jet. This option is intended for users who are having trouble maneuvering their plane. If you are not having trouble flying the plane we recommend NOT selecting this option. 3.4 Far Terrain Clipping Auto This feature relieves most of the line blocking in the terrain when looking from far away. This option is automatic and can not be turned off. 3.5 Black outs [Alt] P This was a strongly debated subject about if you could black out in a WW1 airplane. It was very hard to find documented incidents regarding black-outs in WW1 aircraft. For those of you who wanted them, here they are. With this option on you will still find it very hard to black-out, especially if you have Wing Shearing turned on. 3.6 Lewis Gun View [F8] This option allows you to look at roughly a 45 degree angle up in all the planes. This works well in some planes and not so well in others. 3.7 Unlimited Fuel [Alt] U This is for those of you that just lack the little bit of fuel to return home after the battle. If you find you run out of fuel too much and want to remove that problem, this option is for you. 4.0 Comments and Problems ---------------------------------- 4.1 Replay Tapes Replay tapes will only work with the EXE they were originaly recorded with. If you wish to view the replay tapes made with the original game or supplied with the clue book you will need to make a copy of the original GLORY.EXE before installing the Wishlist. Use the following as an example. C:\WOG\>Copy GLORY.EXE GLORY.OLD When you install the Wishlist make a backup of your new executable also. Name the new EXE file GLORY.NEW. Use the following example. C:\WOG\>Copy GLORY.EXE GLORY.NEW To view replay tapes recorded from the original version or provided with the Clue Book, type C:\WOG\>Copy GLORY.OLD GLORY.EXE This will replace the Wishlist EXE with the origial EXE. To get the Wishlist EXE back type the following. C:\WOG\>Copy GLORY.NEW GLORY.EXE 5.0 ---------------------------------- We hope you find these options helpful. If you have any comments or problems with any of the options please feel free to contact us. Origin Systems Inc 1995
  2. Version 1.0


    A preconfigured compilation of community made mods and fixes meant to fix the game while keeping the game vanilla. Addressed to all newcomers who want to play the game properly without fiddling around with multiple downloads and configuring settings. I wanted to simplify this process. Includes: Style Switcher 3.1.3 for best performance and maintaining core vanilla experience 360 pad support HQ music fix including missing tracks and proper looping button prompts for PS2, 360 and Xbox One pads properly working UI at 16:9, 16:10 and 4:3 aspect ratios Follow the instructions in readme.txt file.
  3. SavePinball


    Version 0.9.5


    A Mirror for Durante's Deadly Premonition patch that fixes many crashes and bugs. An excerpt from the README file. Delete previous version of the mod if you have any Place the contents of the .zip into the game's binary directory. (The place where DP.exe is) (this may be something like C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Deadly Premonition The Director's Cut) Adjust the settings in DPfix.ini as desired Adjust the keybindings in DPfixKeys.ini as desired
  4. XenonPK




    Fixes a crash on startup on mesa drivers(linux), apply with bspatch [original_executable] [patched_file_to_create] [provided_patch_file].
  5. Version 1.1


    Spider-Man The Movie official patch v1.1
  6. Version 1.3


    v1.3 official patch for Spider-Man The Movie.
  7. Version


    This patch adds a difficulty selector in the menu, configurable keyboard input and bug fixes. Source: https://www.gog.com/forum/realms_of_the_haunting/transformation_patch_uk_us_version/page1 For this article: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Realms_of_the_Haunting
  8. Version 1.0004


    Original sources: GameFront (Chinese, Czech, Digital Distribution, Poland, US, Worldwide) The is the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl Patch v1.0004. This patch is not the latest version available (v1.0005 is the latest), but it provides compatibility with some S.T.A.L.K.E.R. mods. It should only be used if those mods only work with v1.0004 and have no updated version available. The patch is available for the following versions/languages: Chinese Czech Digital Distribution Poland US Worldwide Note that the Digital Distribution version of the patch is meant for non-Steam digital copies of the game (ex. Direct2Drive). The Steam version is already patched to v1.0006. Download links for the v1.0005 patch and the recalled v1.0006 patch can be found on the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl wiki page. A full list of fixes can be found in the README file included with the download.
  9. Version 1.0006


    Original sources: FilePlanet (Russian, US, Worldwide), The Patches Scrolls (Czech) The is the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl Patch v1.0006. Although this is an official patch, it was recalled by the developers due to the extra bugs it caused. This patch should only be used for the most optimal multiplayer experience. Otherwise, do not install this patch. The patch is available for the following versions/languages: Czech Russian US Worldwide Note that this patch requires the game to be updated to v1.0005 before installing. Download links for the v1.0004 patch and the v1.0005 patch can be found on the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl wiki page. A full list of fixes can be found in the README file included with the download.
  10. Version


    The first patch for The Matrix: Path of Neo. Updates from Retail (US) to Update #1. "This patch fixes some graphics, translation and many other issues."
  11. Version


    Exactly what the description says. The patcher was originally downloaded from someone's personal Dropbox that was linked to in the wiki article for the game. I uploaded it here for posterity and preservation. It's based on the code for the Age of Empires 2 widescreen patch. A thorough ReadMe document is given to explain what needs to be with the contents of the zip file.
  12. Version 1.5


    No One Lives Forever 2 Multilingual GUI Patch ver.1.5 for No One Lives Forever 2 contains 6 European languages GUI. Original file here http://www.mediafire.com/download/5mzmggva7f8226p/Nolf2_GUI_1_5.zip Contains: ---------------- 1. English / Russian / German / French / Italian / Spanish GUI and Subtitles Corrects errors: ---------------- 1. Russian, Italian and Spanish ver. work online now 2. For the German version included all the options. Installation: ---------------- 1. Make the game "No One Lives Forever 2" upgrade to version 1.3 2. Unzip and Run the patch. The patch will update the files in the folder with the game: NOLF2.exe and Lithtech.exe Also the file Update_v1x3_GUI will be added. How to play. ----------------- For the Game "No One Lives Forever 2" set the compatibility mode to Windows XP SP2 Right-click on the icon of the game - Properties - Compatibility Remove: --------------- To return to the original graphic interface, run the patch mode "Reset Default" Note --------------- 1. The title page of the English. 2. Your old file NOLF2.exe and Lithtech.exe is not saved. Archive it (if necessary) on their own.
  13. Version 1.3


    No One Lives Forever 2 - A Spy In H.A.R.M.'s Way ver.1.3 Package_Online_1_3 ver.1.3 Author : BahamutZero, URA Original file: Package_Online_1_3.zip 9.7 MB http://www.mediafire.com/download/5vi00gru4ac5xin/Package_Online_1_3.zip Modes and patches for online games NOLF, NOLF2, Contract J.A.C.K. after July 2014 Automatic installation in the game folder. All mods and patches automatically install into your game folder Warning : Some antivirus software can block the work of Multiplayer_Launcher and Patch_hosts. Files for NOLF ----------------------------------- Patch NOLF_NOL2_ContractJACK_hosts_Patch_1_1.exe Files for Contract J.A.C.K. ----------------------------------- 1. Patch NOLF_NOL2_ContractJACK_hosts_Patch_1_1.exe 2. CD-KeyGenerator Files for NOLF2 ------------------------------------ 1. LivesForeverPlus Mod 1.0 (by URA) http://unityhq.net/forums/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=109 2. LivesForeverCoop Mod 1.0 (by vertigo) [added 43 skins to play in Сo-op, including 4 female] http://unityhq.net/forums/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=50 3. Multiplayer Launcher & Server Mod Beta 0.3.1 [by URA, Launcher modified: disable selection of non-standard display resolutions and disable write them in the register.] http://unityhq.net/forums/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=55 4. LivesForever Mod 1.0 (by ßahamutZero) http://unityhq.net/forums/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=8 5. Patch hosts_patch_1_1 http://unityhq.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=6173 How to play Multiplayer NOLF2: ------------------------------ Install all modes, run the game, press the button with a circular arrow to search for servers. Select a server, specify the mode of the server. Then press the "Custom" button, check the selected mode, Ok. Then click on the selected server, Play - Ok If you created your server, then connect to your server need only via the LAN. You can also connect to the servers Nolf, Nolf2, Contract JACK via the browser game servers Qtracker http://www.qtracker.com/ Note ------ Nolf_Nolf2_CJ_hosts_Patch re-translates requests from the games NOLF, NOLF2, Contract J.A.C.K. on the master server Qtracker instead of the master server GameSpy (disabled now) with the same protocol.
  14. Marioysikax

    Rayman Origins Official patch

    Version 1.02


    http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Rayman_Origins Official patch for the retail version of the game. Newest patch will include all the previous patches fixes. Download of version 1.02 will also include retail games prepatched 1.02 main executable, Rayman Origins.exe. This can be used with digital version of the game, if service hasn't provided update for the game. In these situations replace the games executable with downloaded one and ignore the RaymanOriginspc_1.02.exe. See game article for more details. Source: https://support.ubi.com/en-GB/FAQ/9/3512/patch-links-and-info-for-rayman-origins/kA030000000eT6CCAU
  15. ThatOneReaper

    America's Army patch

    Version 2.8.5


    Original source: MediaFire This is the America's Army v2.8.4 to v2.8.5 patch. It is the latest patch available. Note that the game needs to be updating to v2.8.4 before installing the patch. The other patches for the game can be found on America's Army wiki page.
  16. ThatOneReaper

    America's Army patch

    Version 2.8.4


    Original source: MediaFire This is the America's Army v2.8.3.1 to v2.8.4 patch. The latest patch release is v2.8.5. Note that the game requires this patch before upgrading to v2.8.5. The patch itself requires that the game is updated to v2.8.3.1 before installing. The other patches for the game can be found on America's Army wiki page.
  17. ThatOneReaper

    America's Army patch



    Original source: MediaFire This is the America's Army v2.8.3 to v2.8.3.1 patch. The latest patch release is v2.8.5. Note that the game requires this patch before upgrading to v2.8.4. The other patches for the game can be found on America's Army wiki page.
  18. ThatOneReaper

    Assassin's Creed II patch

    Version 1.01


    Original source: FilePlanet This is the Assassin's Creed II Patch v1.01. It is the latest version available.
  19. Version 9.4


    Unofficial Patch for Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. Mirrored from Patches-Scrolls.
  20. ThatOneReaper

    Call of Duty: World at War patch

    Version 1.7


    Original source: FilePlanet This is the Call of Duty: World at War Patch v1.7. It is the latest patch available. Note that the game must be updated to v1.6 before installing. The other patches for the game can be found on the Call of Duty: World at War wiki page.
  21. ThatOneReaper

    MechWarrior 3 patch

    Version 1.2


    Original source: The MechWarrior 3 Community Project (archived) This is the MechWarrior 3 Patch v1.2. It is the latest version available. The patch is available in the following languages: English (EN) French (FR) German (DE) Each file is ~6 MB in size. Here is the change log: The following problems have been fixed in version 1.2: If 8MB 3-D textures are selected, the program no longer crashes after several waves of Instant Action. The crackling and popping sounds heard on PCI sound cards (such as the Sound Blaster Live! and Sound Blaster PCI 128 sound cards) have been eliminated. The Cauldron Born, Puma, Supernova and Vulture configurations now include Double Heat Sinks instead of regular Heat Sinks. If the control setup has been customized, installing the update will no longer reset the controls to Joystick/Keyboard. The following multiplayer changes have been made in version 1.2: Your BattleMech's arms will no longer "flail" around on the other players' screens. Your 'Mech will no longer "run in place" on other players' screens. If you quickly type uppercase letters and question marks in the multiplayer chat window, the program no longer crashes. Weapon groupings are saved after a player dies and respawns. The following enhancements have been made in version 1.2: The ability to add maps has been implemented. New maps will be periodically made available for download from our Web site. Multiplayer lag and packet loss have been significantly reduced. Reporting of team scores is now possible on the MSN Gaming Zone. Two new multiplayer maps, Durgan City and The Spaceport, have been added. You can now enter IP addresses using the numeric keypad.
  22. Version 1.03


    Original sources: The Patches Scrolls (CS, RU, WW) This is the Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Patch v1.03 for digital download versions of the game. It is the latest version available. The patch is available in the following languages: Czech (CS) Russian (RU) Worldwide (WW) Each file is ~74 MB in size. Other versions of this patch can be found on the Assassin's Creed Brotherhood wiki page.
  23. Version 1.03


    Original sources: The Patches Scrolls (CS, RU, WW) This is the Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Patch v1.03 for retail versions of the game. It is the latest version available. The patch is available in the following languages: Czech (CS) Russian (RU) Worldwide (WW) Each file is ~38 MB in size. Other versions of this patch can be found on the Assassin's Creed Brotherhood wiki page.
  24. ThatOneReaper

    MiG-29 Fulcrum Update



    Original source: FilePlanet This is the MiG-29 Fulcrum Update. It is the latest version available. Update description: Puts in some bug fixes and other improvements including better joystick support, a better flight model, and NovaWorld hosting capabilities.
  25. ThatOneReaper

    Unreal II: The Awakening patch

    Version 1403


    Original sources: FilePlanet (US, UK) This is the Unreal II: The Awakening Patch v1403. It is the latest version available. The patch is available for the following versions: North America (US) Europe (UK) The US patch is ~3.9 MB, while the UK patch is ~6.8 MB in size. Note that this patch is not required for the Unreal Anthology. Here is the list of fixes: Crash Fixes Updated DefOpenAL32.dll which should fix EAX-related PlaySound crashes. Fixed VerifyImport crash (occurred when level changed after game settings modified). Fix for IKey assertion (crash) due to "special" keys on some keyboards (e.g. internet enabled keyboards). Fixed crash if some items used after they've been destroyed (fixes crash in MM_Marsh if player destroys force field as squad leader tries to disable it for example). Additional fix for decolayer density change for Sulferon Assault (and other maps with corrupt terrain info's). Possible fix for DirectMusic-related "GetEventTool" crashes. Fixed bug report system sometimes crashing or silently failing due to long URLs. Fixed GetOggDuration crash if “nosound" used. Fix for sound-related crash when exiting some levels with DirectX 9. Performance 10% improvement in golem mesh rendering performance. Fixed unnecessary particle lighting overhead problem. For performance reasons, most carcasses are cleaned up more quickly now. For performance reasons (mainly in marsh) dropped energy rifles are cleaned up after 10 seconds. M08B: improved performance by making sure generator rotating movers only rotate when they are visible. MM_Marsh: added field generator and turret to PreCacheList to avoid hitches when these appear. M12: fixed particle overhead. Added new code/changes to limit overhead due to ragdoll deaths (see "Advanced Tips for Improving Performance" in the readme for details). Fixes Sound fixes. Should reduce occurrences of sound "stuttering" that some people have had due to sound overload / thrashing. Fixed player dodge speed and height. Can be modified via user.ini settings (see DodgeXYVelocityScale and DodgeJumpZScale in the [u2Pawn] section). M03A1: gave ammo to merc with grenade launcher. M08B: lowered carcasses, blood to floor. M09E: fix for 2 fems staying "inert" if the fem with the RL is killed before being triggered. Fixed damage warnings (accessed nones) along with fix for damage effects (blood) being spawned so far inside character's mesh that it doesn't show up (currently only affects mukhoggs). Sunlight fix (flickering in waterfront and potentially other places). MM_Waterfront: fall out of world fix. M12: fixed sun disappearing in opening cutscene with ParticleDensity=0. Also CS_Outro, PA_Acheron, PD_Acheron. Display gamma/brightness/contrast values when changed via F10/F11/F12 keys. Fix for inert skaarj lying prone on bank in M08B (skaarj will now react to hearing the player even if player bypasses trigger). Fix for "Joe's" script breaking in M10_Avalon in some cases. Fixed changing actor detail level in-game could result in invisible NPCs (in TutA). Made key bindings delete button more obvious (click on this to delete key bindings). Fix from Jason Yu for bots sometimes not respawning after being killed in botmatches. Added files needed to fix umod support. The umod registry settings will also need to be modified for Unreal II umods to work. We're working on making a separate downloadable installer for this but in the meantime, people who installed the game in the default folder can click on the .reg file in Unreal2Help. Increased crawling spider damage by 3x. Fixed rammers not attacking properly. Fix for Golem references being lost resulting in "invisible" NPCs if game saved/loaded prior to spawning in NPCs which use a mesh which is no longer in the level. Fixed music not playing issue with some levels. Changes for v1403 Added carcass cleanup particle effect. Added support for modifying player movement speed via Unreal2.ini setting (for the duration of the game). For example, to increase the player's movement speed by 50% set PlayerSpeedRatio=1.5 in the [u2GameInfo] section. M08B: fixed trigger that player could avoid. Added 70 and 72 Hz to refresh rates options. Support for scaling the hud / ui to better support multiple monitor setups. This can now be controlled via the ScaleX, ScaleY, OffsetX, - OffsetY properties in the [uI.UIConsole] section in Unreal2.ini. For example, use ScaleX=0.333 and OffsetX=0.333 for three screen support. Added "mouse over" context information for the EAX check box. Warns against enabling EAX on non-Audigy / Audigy 2 cards and warns about possible performance issues. AI for v1403 Mod authors can once again enable script warnings / errors by setting bDisableErrorMessages=false (by default all script warnings / errors are silent). These were completely disabled for RC7 with the intent of re-enabling these for the patch. Note that you have to enable the Component=Console.MessageArea line in UIScriptsUI.ui (remove the ";") to see debug messages in-game. Editor for v1403 Fix for not being able to paint on terrain in editor. Fix for terrain build crash if no terrain map in level. Fixed editor "first run" (UnrealEd.ini added to system folder). Fixed WBrowserStaticMesh::UpdateMenu crash. Fixed crash if you clicked on delete in the decolayer terrain tool, without a decolayer actually being selected. Testing / Stats for v1403 Improved in-game profiling support / logging. Improved in-game stats. Added "stat lock". Other Added Mike Lambert to in-game credits.