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  1. Thanks, I didn't realize the parentheses were doing that. I'll leave them out of future maps.
  2. Zero Day Exploit This security company is flaunting their brand new security system, having just installed it in their own building. Our client wishes to see it proven faulty, by destroying vital data stored on their most secure computer terminal. The windows are the quickest point of entry, but you can also gain access through a maintenance tunnel underneath the guard house. The terminal in question is on the top floor, guarded behind two vault doors, which are controlled remotely. You may need someone to let you in, whether they know it or not... ------------------------------ (Thi
  3. I agree on every point as well. Some other features that might be nice to have: The ability to set the size / dimensions of the level. The ability to have more than one functioning elevator. Many of the backdrops and decor seem to be missing as well, it would be nice to have access to a full list.
  4. Personally, I reset my save data before I started making levels. To me, the only things that should be REQUIRED to complete a level are the cross-link and wire-jack. All the other gadgets are just there to make completing the level a bit easier. Much easier in the case of the Gatecrashers.
  5. Subnet Mask This contract requires you to attain some data from the basement archive of a small law firm. The power grid in the basement is divided between two separate circuits, but you may not need both to access the terminal. Security has been tightened recently, so watch out for alarms. However, you may be able to use them to your advantage... --------------------------- (This level can be completed with only the cross-link, wire-jack, and no upgrades. It is possible to attain the ranks of gentleman, ninja and ghost all in the same play-through. Please let me know if you find any
  6. Thanks! I suppose I should have clarified that you need to leave some guards alive to complete the level.
  7. Northbridge For this assignment, the client has requested you gain access to a highly secure terminal. It is on the top floor of a high profile security firm, on a walkway suspended between two buildings. The terminal itself is contained behind several vault doors. Be careful not to get stuck between them. The client is offering a bonus if you can remain undetected while inside the building. Good luck. ------------------------------ (This level can be completed with only the cross-link and wire-jack. It is possible to attain gentleman, ninja and ghost all in the same play-through.
  8. Network Tunneling The client has requested that you infiltrate this secure office and wipe some sensitive data from their data stores. There are two main terminals that must be cleared, and two laptops that the client will pay extra to have cleared as well, though they are not required for mission completion. Be careful of the alarms, as guards will travel between floors to investigate them. The client will pay a bonus if you can get in and out without being seen or heard, and leaving every guard unharmed. Take your time, and Good luck. ------------------------------ (Please le
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