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  1. We don't have such a list. The wiki is meant as a neutral database for PC games. Having a list that shames specific developers would go against our base ideology. There's also the issue of what can be considered "shady". Not every potential case is clear cut.
  2. After nearly a full year working on it, the PCGamingWiki Editing guide is now officially done! It is currently in the process of being ported over to the redesigned site. No further changes to the guide will be made until after the relaunch (excluding spelling/grammar edits). I want to thank everyone that helped contribute to the project. Your input was of great help for me and all future editors that will use the guide.
  3. Editing: Regardless of if a browser has good crash recovery or not, it wouldn't serve any purpose to mention it. Some people will end up relying upon that functionality too heavily, rather than backup changes properly. References: I've added an exception for posts made by development team members or representatives if that helps. Fixboxes: It's always a good idea to mention backing up critical game files before they get modified. Even the best of computer users forget from time to time. I only mention the warning in fixes if the file is a DLL, EXE, or multi-line CFG/INI modification. Yes, we need to add launching the game as a step. A fix covers everything right up to the start of the game. If you want to create a page with a list of recommended programs to use, feel free. I wouldn't have the time to write such a thing up. I keep going to a specific file path and opening a file separate for a reason. The first step ("go to <path>") establishes the context of all future steps in the fix in a clean manner. I might need to do more than just modify a file afterwards. Merging the two will make the steps look "sloppy".​ What the wiki does not cover: Putting in pornographic games on the list is due to good business sense and decency, not "good old American dissonance towards nudity and sex". No console manufacturer or major retail store carries AO-rated games (most porn games fall under this rating) because they are very bad for their image. The same logic goes here. Regardless, porn games are seedy by nature and would cheapen the wiki if we started to allow them. They ultimately have no place here. Finally, I've already stated that the definitions are subjective in nature. Questionable games can be run by the mods/admins if there is confusion. Availability: I'm not dealing with that argument again. Like you said, the editor will need to make that determination. Video settings: The Widescreen and Windowed notes have been added. 4K: That is such a bizarre edge case, even if it is hypothetical. I have yet to encounter a 4K-ready game that does not support widescreen. It stays as is. Input settings: Trying to come up with methods to disable acceleration for every game is nigh impossible. Not every game have an INI file that can be modified. I've linked the toolkit in the table. If controller support is false, we leave it as is. Adding the notice to every page would look messy. Anyways, the Glossary page already handles that. The XInput preference is because most major controllers and modern games are designed with XInput in mind. I don't want editors to try testing for full controller support with non-standard controllers. Audio settings: I've added the note. Template documentation: That's not my responsibility. You're better off asking Soeb or Garrett. Anyways, I believe the guide is finished and ready for a full release. I have to start porting it over to the redesigned site at some point this week.
  4. Thanks for pointing this out. I've added in a basic overview of the tag in the Guide (not much to write on it honestly).
  5. Version 1.2


    Original source: The MechWarrior 3 Community Project (archived) This is the MechWarrior 3 Patch v1.2. It is the latest version available. The patch is available in the following languages: English (EN) French (FR) German (DE) Each file is ~6 MB in size. Here is the change log: The following problems have been fixed in version 1.2: If 8MB 3-D textures are selected, the program no longer crashes after several waves of Instant Action. The crackling and popping sounds heard on PCI sound cards (such as the Sound Blaster Live! and Sound Blaster PCI 128 sound cards) have been eliminated. The Cauldron Born, Puma, Supernova and Vulture configurations now include Double Heat Sinks instead of regular Heat Sinks. If the control setup has been customized, installing the update will no longer reset the controls to Joystick/Keyboard. The following multiplayer changes have been made in version 1.2: Your BattleMech's arms will no longer "flail" around on the other players' screens. Your 'Mech will no longer "run in place" on other players' screens. If you quickly type uppercase letters and question marks in the multiplayer chat window, the program no longer crashes. Weapon groupings are saved after a player dies and respawns. The following enhancements have been made in version 1.2: The ability to add maps has been implemented. New maps will be periodically made available for download from our Web site. Multiplayer lag and packet loss have been significantly reduced. Reporting of team scores is now possible on the MSN Gaming Zone. Two new multiplayer maps, Durgan City and The Spaceport, have been added. You can now enter IP addresses using the numeric keypad.
  6. Thanks for bringing this up. I've added in the alternate syntax details.
  7. 2,493 downloads

    This file will help fix any non rendering-based crashing issues with Lego Chess due to an alternate installer. Versions of the game installed with the default installer will already have this file. To install it, extract the file to the game's installation folder. The file was taken from a genuine North American installation of the game.
  8. Version 1.03


    Original sources: The Patches Scrolls (CS, RU, WW) This is the Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Patch v1.03 for digital download versions of the game. It is the latest version available. The patch is available in the following languages: Czech (CS) Russian (RU) Worldwide (WW) Each file is ~74 MB in size. Other versions of this patch can be found on the Assassin's Creed Brotherhood wiki page.
  9. Version


    Original source: Guru3D This is the atiumdag.dll file v8.14.10.761. It is for fixing rendering issues in games with AMD/ATI GPUs. The file should only be used with game fixes that specifically link to this version. It should not be used in any other case. General installation instructions: To install it, extract the file to the folder where the main game executable resides. Accept any overwrite dialog windows that may appear. NOTE: It is recommended to backup any existing version of the DLL file in the game folder before overwriting it.
  10. That's just embarrassing. Good on them for pulling an absolutely broken game and attempting a rewrite, but the initial release should never have happened to begin with. Hopefully the re-release will fix all this.
  11. Just a random thought I had earlier on: should we have a section in the Files database for developer-related downloads? We already have some downloads of that nature (SDKs and whatnot), but I think we should separate them from consumer-level tools and fixes. An idea of the layout: Developer contentGeneral (a catch-all for anything that doesn't fit the existing categories) Documentation (official modding/SDK documents) Example code (example projects and code. Can be either official or community created) SDKs (official mod development kits and tools) Source code (legal source code releases of games) Tools (community created mod utilities) Tutorials (guides provided by the community to assist with mod development) It should be noted that the section is only for content not in active development (ex. tool is not on GitHub or other source control site, hard to find).
  12. I think the VR table is due for an update. With a lot of new tech coming out by major players, the current configuration is very much lacking and outdated. Devices that need to be removed: Creative Senz3D: As far as I can tell, the webcam supports 4 games total (3 of which are not even worth mentioning). It's dead in the water. Leap Motion Controller: I'm hesitant on placing this controller here, as it does have a somewhat active app community. However, there's practically no games (aside from ones on their app store) that even support the device. Novint Falcon: As far as I can tell, the Falcon is also dead in the water. At time of writing, I can't access the developer's website (appears to be down). Razer Hydra: Hasn't been supported in years and there are devices in the works by Oculus and Valve/HTC to fill in Hydra's position. Devices that need to be added: Valve/HTC Vive Microsoft HoloLens Oculus Rift's controller (when released) Vive's controller (when released) That's all the major tech off the top of my head. Should we go through with it?
  13. Version 1.03


    Original sources: The Patches Scrolls (CS, RU, WW) This is the Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Patch v1.03 for retail versions of the game. It is the latest version available. The patch is available in the following languages: Czech (CS) Russian (RU) Worldwide (WW) Each file is ~38 MB in size. Other versions of this patch can be found on the Assassin's Creed Brotherhood wiki page.
  14. 361 downloads

    Original source: FilePlanet This is the MiG-29 Fulcrum Update. It is the latest version available. Update description: Puts in some bug fixes and other improvements including better joystick support, a better flight model, and NovaWorld hosting capabilities.
  15. Hey there! Welcome to the wiki. Since no one else mentioned it, for future edits, I highly recommend that you check out our Editing Guide. It describes all the wiki elements, tables, and general guidelines we use in a high level of detail.
  16. After talking it over with Soeb, we both agree that the current table needs some work. Although we can't go back to the original layout, we can at least refine it. A proposed update for the table: The table wikitext stays the same. The table columns need some modified behavior. A list of all the columns in the table: Type: Same as before Native: Same as before (NEW!) Modes supported: The way modes are currently stated are not exactly the most clear. Rather then text, why not copy the style of the DLC table OS column? Represent all supported modes with an icon. Players: Each game mode will have a different max players limit. Showing the overall limit and specifying other modes in the Notes section defeats the purpose of the column to begin with. Instead, put down all the max player limits for each mode (separated by commas), and use an internal layout to present the values Ex. 16, 4, 8 becomes 16 (Versus) 4 (Co-op) 8 (Hotseat) Notes: Same as before Thoughts?
  17. Unless you're an audiophile or someone who does a bunch of audio-related projects, there's no reason to buy a sound card for modern games. As you have already mentioned, the sound cards integrated in most modern motherboards are high enough quality to render the discrete options obsolete. To get the best audio quality nowadays, just buy a pair of decent headphones. They do give a distinct advantage over most players in multiplayer games.
  18. Something like this: {{Network/Multiplayer |local play = |local play players = |local play notes = |lan play = |lan play players = |lan play notes = |online play = |online play players = |online play notes = |local co-op = |local co-op players = |local co-op notes = |lan co-op = |lan co-op players = |lan co-op notes = |online co-op = |online co-op players = |online co-op notes = |hot-seat = |hot-seat players = |hot-seat notes = |asynchronous = |asynchronous notes = }} It's a layout that just works. Each game mode has it's own row, allowing to easily distinguish between the various modes.
  19. Well, the previous layout handled all these issues quite fine. All this new layout is doing is making the table more complicated and sloppy. There was literally no good reason to "fix" something that wasn't broken to begin with. And the players field should never be approximate. It needs to be exact as all modes have different max player limits. Again, all it's serving to do is make the table sloppy.
  20. I think the modes available should be in a separate column entirely. It looks awkward mixed in with the notes. Also, how am I supposed to distinguish the max player limit for multiple game modes? Adding them via the players field squishes everything and delegating it to the Notes field completely defeats the purpose of the players field.
  21. "Can not", while the most formal, looks silly in most cases. We're formal up to a point. Use "cannot". All other variations are to be disregarded.
  22. Well, we are going to have to transition over to HTTPS at some point anyways. Mozilla and the Chromium Security team have already declared in one way or another their intention to deprecate HTTP from their browsers.
  23. Cannot. Text in wiki pages should be as formal as possible.
  24. The series sidebars that get cluttered are the ones that have dozens of official titles (ex. Lego, Star Wars, etc.). Those are cases that cannot be worked around, regardless of official/unofficial games listed. Ultimately, it will be up to the wiki staff (with community feedback) to make the best judgment in what mods and unofficial titles get added to the sidebars. The ones that deserve to be added will be made very clear by the gaming community as a whole.
  25. I'm thinking we should have some sort of Co-Optimus article linking ability in the Network tables (similar to WSGF or GG3D). They are the largest database around that deals specifically with the coop side of multiplayer and I think it would be a good addition to the wiki. Ideally, we can try to get PCGamingWiki links integrated into Co-Optimus articles via a partnership (or something along those lines anyways). Anyone up for it?
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