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  1. Version 1.4


    Original file: http://www.fileplanet.com/86943/80000/fileinfo/Monopoly-Tycoon-1.4-Patch This is the Monopoly Tycoon Patch v1.4. It is the latest patch available for the game. Note that this release includes all fixes and updates from all previous patches. Here is the full list of fixes and additions: Added map selection to skirmish and multiplayer modes. Added serverside version checking, players of different versions will not be allowed to join. Addressed Railroad / utility issues. Added all custom scenarios produced from patch 1.3, Extras pack 1 and Extras pack 2. Added 2 new custom scenarios "Reign of the Outsider" and "The Campaign Trail". Added network adaptor selection to the configuration panel. Altered the patch installation so you can now reinstall the patch over the same version if you wish. Added 'Italian' to the patch language verification. Added 2 new texture sets ( Matchstick and Rough ).You will need to download Extras Pack 1 or Extras Pack 2 to utilize these texture sets. These can be found on the DeepRed website ( wwww.deepred.co.uk ). Instructions on how to use them in the game are provided with these packs.
  2. PCGamingWiki: Breaking our PCs for fixes so you don't have to.
  3. Version 0.4


    Original file: http://www.wsgf.org/forums/viewtopic.php?p=38376&sid=adc1c9ceb9a00486724dca84050aef41#p38376 This is Squ1zZy's Rainbow Six: Vegas Resolution Patcher. This tool will allow the game to be rendered in most widescreen resolutions. Instructions (taken from the README file): Place the patcher in the following folder:C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\My Documents\Ubisoft\R6Vegas Open the patcher and select the resolution you want the game to run in. Press "Patch". An edited R6GameConfig.bin file with the new resolution will be created. Note that the tool will make a backup of the original file (called R6GameConfig.bak) before patching it. To revert back to the original config file, delete the R6GameConfig.bin file and change the extension of the backup file from .bak to .bin
  4. Version 1.1


    Original sources: Game Front (EN, FR, DE, IT, ES) This is the Homeworld 2 Patch v1.1. It is the latest patch available for the game. Available versions of the patch: English (EN) French (FR) German (DE) Italian (IT) Spanish (ES) Here is the full list of fixes: Multiplayer Improvements Players will now be able to host and join games from behind NATs and Firewalls. The whisper function in the GameSpy lobby no longer misdirects messages to the wrong recipients. The number of players in a given game is now reported correctly. Players can now ignore people in the Gamespy lobby. Players can now whisper to a group of people in the Gamespy lobby. The ignore list in the Gamespy lobby is now automatically saved. The Whisper list in the Gamespy lobby is now automatically saved. There is a new ˜Suppress" button to the GameSpy lobby. This adds the ability to ignore the join / leave lobby messages. Lobby chat has been updated so that private game chats will no longer being displayed in the lobby chat. Game chat has been updated so that lobby chat won't cause the messages to be lost anymore. There is a new PRESETS button that creates a default setting for gameplay options, including CPU difficulty, open/closed slots, and CPU player colours. Settings are only saved to the profile when you start a game. Players can now kick a lagging host. DirectPlay sessions are now closed asynchronously. This corrects the long wait at the end of a game. Badges with long filenames (>32 characters) no longer cause multiplayer games to crash at the loading screen and/or the waiting for content download screen. Players that have been defeated or have dropped from the game are no longer listed in the diplomacy and chat menus. A random race setting has been added to the race selector. The game now looks in both data:LevelData\Multiplayer\\*.level and profiles:Levels\\*.level for level content. Users can now add a file called _Thumb.tga. It will be loaded as the preview image in the level picker. Unfortunately preview and loading images cannot be autodownloaded with the levels. Fixes to Game Crashes Using the rally to object command on a moving ship will no longer result in a crash. If a ship is destroyed in the frame before it executes an order, the game will no longer crash. The game will no longer crash due to rapid switching between tactics. Matrox Parhelia users will no longer experience loading crashes after installing the latest drivers for their cards. Gameplay Fixes Probes and scouts no longer attract mines when passing through mine fields. Defense fields will no longer stay active after the frigate that generates them has been destroyed. Scouts with the EMP upgrade will no longer lose their ion trails after using the EMP attack. Fighters can no longer undock while the carriers are in hyperspace transit. It's no longer possible to control enemy player and enemy AI ships. By using hyperspace gates platforms can be issued more than one move order. Platforms no longer attack when moving. Players can no longer hear ships outside of visible range. Research abilities that are transferred when ships are donated no longer stays if the ship is transferred back. Ships that are docking or being built no longer cause ships already docked to launch when the ship hold is full. Tuning and Balance Changes General Resource Collectors repair rate increased (from 25 hitpoints/second to 35 hitpoints/second) Start positions have been updated on the multiplayer map Shields. Hull defense guns (located on Vaygr and Hiigaran Carrier, Mothership, Resource Controller, and Shipyard as their main weapon): Hull defense guns have increased accuracy vs. fighters - 40% increase in accuracy vs. fighter (from 0.1 to 0.14). Hull defense guns have increased accuracy vs. Corvette (from .4 to .45). Hull defense guns vs. Resource Collectors Penetration Decrease (from 100% to 75%). Hull defense guns vs. Platforms penetration increased 300%. Platforms Platform controller build time increase (from 30s to 70s). Hiigaran Platform controller cost increase (from 500ru to 650ru). Ion Platform accuracy vs. corvettes and fighters has been decreased (from 10% to 4% for fighters and from 8% to 4% for corvettes). Ion Platforms Penetration vs. Corvettes and Fighters has been decreased from (from 100% to 1% vs. fighters and from 100% to 10% for Corvettes). Ion Platform research time has been increased by 70 seconds (from 30s to 100s). Missile Platform research time has been increased by 45 seconds (from 60s to 105s). Speed for all platforms has been reduced by 75 (from 200 to 125). Platforms have had significant reduction in amount of damage done to collectors (75% damage reduction for gun platforms 50% damage reduction for missile platforms and 60% damage reduction for Ion Platforms). Resource Controllers Number of Hull Guns reduced from 8 to 4. Corvettes Missile Corvette Damage vs. Platforms has been increased by 90% Pulsar Corvette Damage vs. Platforms has been increased by 60% Laser Corvette attack style changed to an attack run vs. subsystems Vaygr Corvette armour upgrades reduced (from 1.5 to 1.3 for level 1 and from 2.0 to 1.6 for level 2) Frigates Vaygr Assault Frigate cost has been reduced by 50 RU (from 700 to 650). Vaygr Assault Frigate research cost has been reduced by 150 RU (from 800 to 650). Marine and Infiltrator Frigate HP has been increased (from 18000 to 20000). 10 second reduction in build time (from 55s to 45s) for Ion Frigate, Vaygr Assault Frigate, and Vaygr Missile Frigate. 5 second reduction in build time (from 55s to 50s) for Flak Frigate and Marine/Infiltrator Frigate. Bombers Bombers are weaker vs. platforms: 20% decrease in penetration vs. platforms (from .55 to .45). Vaygr Battlecruiser 20% decrease in engine repair speed (from 250s to 200s). 20% increase to engine subsystem HP's (from 30000hp to 36000hp). 20% decrease to duration of inactivity after damage (from 80s to 64s). EMP Recharge - 10 second increase (from 60s to 70s). Frigates - Shield vs. EMP increased 40% (from 220 to 310). Research time - 10 second increase (from 60 to 70). Singleplayer Game Fixes General Players unit caps will no longer be lowered when they load a game from the in-game menu. The shipyard is no longer listed as having two sensor spots. The Vaygr laser corvette now displays badges correctly. The Hiigaran Sensors Array textures are no longer inverted. Vgr Refinery badges now display properly. Mission 2 Bonus corvettes and bombers are now delivered 100% of the time. Mission 4 The difficulty level has been reduced. Destroying the station before destroying inhibitors no longer results in a lock up. ​ Mission 6 The Derelict Mover is no longer targetable by your ships. Mission 8 Scuttling Dreadnaught will now cause the mission to fail. Mission 13 The difficulty level has been reduced. Mission 14 The difficulty level has been reduced. Mission 15 Ships can no longer be led out of the area of play in pursuit of the planet killer missiles.
  5. Version 1.3


    Original file: http://www.freedomfans.com/news.php?id=37 This is the Freedom Force Patch v1.3. It is intended for the US and European versions of the game and is the latest patch available. Note that this patch also includes all the fixes made in patches v1.1 and v1.2.
  6. Is it possible that someone can update the Sample Article to include the new tables and section styles (ex. Game Data file paths, detailed System Requirements)? It would help making new articles if there was some proper basis to work off on.
  7. Version 1.1


    Original file: http://www.gamefront.com/files/files/4563034/movies_1_1_patch.exe This is The Movies Patch v1.1. It is the latest patch available for the game. Here is the full list of fixes: Fixes: Performance issues on Minimum Specification machines have been resolved. Stability on low end Athlon processors has been improved. Post Production had a number of issues fixed to aid user interaction and avoid player confusion. Audio echo during Post Production has been removed, and general stability of this screen is improved. Stars retirement ages now work as intended when saving and loading a game while shooting a film. Some scenes have been updated to address issues with clipping, props and set objects. Some movie scenes have been updated to ensure they would finish filming in the lot. Placeholder text has been changed to final text. Saving StarMaker and The Movies on Non-English Operating Systems has been improved. Saving a game while a Star is in surgery now functions as intended. Overall stability has been improved Changes: Players can now record more pieces of custom audio in Post Production. The game will now check the space available in the users My Documents directory to ensure there is enough space to run the game. Online connectivity now correctly handles situations where players had no internet connection.
  8. RAGE (very great looking game, and the SSD should eliminate any pop up issues), Tomb Raider (2013), Battlefield 4, any Crysis game, Sleeping Dogs, the Far Cry series (especially Far Cry 3 and Blood Dragon).
  9. Version 1.41


    Original file: http://www.fileplanet.com/160777/160000/fileinfo/Battlefield-2-Patch-v1.41 This is the Battlefield 2 Patch v1.41. The latest patch release is v1.50 (a link to the patch can be found on the Battlefield 2 wiki page). Note that this patch should only be installed if there are issues installing patch v1.50. Here is the full list of fixes: NEW CONTENT New level: Road to Jalalabaad (Conquest 16-32-64, Singleplayer, Co-op) New Server Option: No Vehicles mode GAMEPLAY TWEAKS The vehicle drop has been modified to help prevent exploits such as blocking enemy vehicles, destroying vehicles and commander assets, or as an alternative to artillery. C4 tossing distance has been reduced. A prone->crouch delay has been added. BUG FIXES Fixed the Linux server hangs when trying to load a Special Forces Co-Op map. Another attempt at fixing the Red/Blue nametag bug. Fixed the missing server info on the map briefing screen. Fixed the server browser issues with updating info. Fixed the filter by maps size option in the server browser. Fixed a low reproducibility crash bug related to the vehicle drop. Fixed a crash in Co-op after a player is revived without a kit. Fixed a server crash on Linux 32 when trying to rotate maps in Coop Mode. Fixed the occasionnal red distance marker appearing on the ground. Fixed the bug that caused the player's arms to become invisible when switching weapons. Co-Op bot console commands now function on local servers. Fixed the excessive damage taken by the Muscle Car. Adjusted the minimum number of players to start the round on ranked servers. The new values for 16, 32 and 64 players are 6, 8 and 8 respectively. Re-enabled unlocks on unranked servers. Commander options are no longer available whilst commander is dead. Fixed bug where a spawn point is shown as selected when it is not if player has spawned in during the preview round. Co-Op (Local Server): Fixed the issue where no other players may join the server if the server host is kicked and banned. Ranked Servers now force unlocks. Added support for multiple gamemodes in single maplist for mods. Front End Front End: Fix server browser issues with updating info. Front End, Multiplayer & Co-op: Players on server list can include Bots instead of human players. Multiplayer Internet Server maps size filter not working. Fixed an issue in the front end where pressing tab twice in the IP window would cause the cursor to skip to wrong box. Game Server Increased server stability All levels (Co-op ): Fixed crash after reviving player without a kit- 1st attempt. Server (Linux 32 Dedicated) Server crashes when trying to rotate maps in Special Forces Co-op Mode (fixed on SUSE only. Still present in Red Hat and Fedora). Adjust the minimum number of players to start the round.The new values for 16, 32 and 64 players are 6, 6 and 8 respectively. Re-enable unlocks on unranked servers. Ranked server forces unlocks i.e. have to have unlocks selected. Coop (Local Server): If Server Host is kicked and banned although they do not actually get kicked, no other players may join the server after that point. Fixed a dedicated server crash which was occurring when the user held "CTRL" and "SHIFT" while selecting a map. Fixed a crash which would occur when c4 was placed on a flag pole and the server rotated maps. Vehicle drop crash related bug (missing icon) Co-Op bot console commands do not function on local servers. Client / Gameplay Red/Blue nametag bug: Fix to the issue where players would show up with the wrong color name tag. Introduced a delay from proning to standing to help reduce exploiting. Adjusted C4 to make throwing more difficult. Fixed the issue where a red distance marker appears on the ground. Fixed the issue that caused players arms to become invisible after switching weapons when using throwable items. Made adjustments to reduce the damage taken by vehicles when driving. Adjusted the tire material on the muscle car to reduce the issue with this vehicle taking too much damage. Commander options no longer available whilst dead. Fixed the issue with a spawn point showing up as selected when a player has spawned in during preview round. Fixed the issue that would cause infantry players to be revived with no kit. Fixed several rare graphics crashes. Fixed issue with players crashing while clicking "Join Game" in the front end Car-Drop: Made adjustments to the car drop feature to prevent players from exploiting into buildings. Discovered and repaired an issue tied to projectiles which would sometimes allow tanks to fire two shells, support to fire multiple rounds, and other issues (all maps). Fixed bug where after 2 rounds on the same map, the top player stars are awarded to the wrong people in the menu Transport Helicopters: Increased the armor of all transport helicopters
  10. Version 1.50


    Original file: http://www.fileplanet.com/204626/200000/fileinfo/Battlefield-2-Patch-v1.5 This is the Battlefield 2 Patch v1.5. It is the latest patch available for the game. If there are issues installing this patch, you might need to install patch 1.41 first (a link to the patch can be found on the Battlefield 2 wiki page). Here is the full list of fixes: New Features/Content ​Additional support for Windows Vista. Added Highway Tampa as a required map. Added a new map called Operation Blue Pearl. Added Euro Force and Armored Fury as free-to-play content for all Battlefield 2 players. Added Widescreen support. Allowed BF2.exe to use more than 2 gigabytes of RAM. Added support for the Novint Falcon controller (http://www.novint.com). Gameplay Tweaks Changes made to both the J10 and F35B to make them more balanced. AA targeting tweaked to make it more effective. Added checks to prevent "runway grieving." Various changes made to prevent cheating. Tweaked the hit detection; hits will be more accurate to the model. Error causing occasional connection drops after being on a server for a short while was fixed. Prevented use of mouse wheel to provide speed boost to vehicles. Prevented use of mouse wheel to exploid parachutes. Players can now pass claymores by going prone. Updated the HUD on TV-Guided missiles to increase visibility on maps like Dragon Valley. Added Battlefield 2142-style prone deviation; going prone will now cause reduced accuracy for a brief period. Bug Fixes Fixed the issue where picking up a player's kit would cause CTD. Updated BF2OpenAL.dll from version to version Updated ch_gas_station collision mesh on Dragon Valley to be consistent with other gas station buildings. Fixed the issue where MEC artillery piece on Operation Clean Sweep changes to the USMC's control when they capture the Airfield flag. Updated the Challenger2 HUD to show the correct icon instead of the M1A2 HUD icon. Changed a PLA FAV to MEC FAV on Road to Jalalabad. Tweaked the artillery respawn time on Dragon Valley for to 360 seconds as other artillery uses. Included a delay after weapon switch for the Bizon (PP-19) to 0.666. Updated the F35B's lock delay to 1 second instead of 1.5 seconds to match other aircraft. Changed the Humvee camo on Taraba Quarry to be the correct design. Increased the splash damage of the UH-60 (Black Hawk) guns from 0.25 to 1.5. Updated the G36E HUD to react the same as other weapons during sprint.
  11. Version 1.1


    This is the Jane's Israeli Air Force Patch V1.1. It is the latest patch available for the game. The patch was taken from a genuine North American retail CD copy of Jane's Israeli Air Force.
  12. Version 2.0a


    Original file: http://www.microsoft.com/games/age2/downloads.htm (via the Internet Archive) The Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings Update 2.0a features many updates and fixes. The patch is available in the following languages: English (EN) French (FR) German (DE) Italian (IT) Japanese (JA) Korean (KO) Spanish (ES) Traditional Chinese (ZH) Each file is 2.6 MB in size.
  13. Version 1.05


    Original file: http://www.gamefront.com/files/928779/Homeworld_1_05_Patch This is the Homeworld 1.05 Patch. It is the latest patch available for the game.
  14. Version 1.03


    Original file: http://www.patches-scrolls.com/dl.php?file=simgolf103.zip&ref=ps This patch updates Sid Meier's SimGolf to version 1.03. For a list of changes, see below.
  15. Version 1.02


    Original file: http://www.fileplanet.com/52484/50000/fileinfo/Crimson-Skies-v1.02-Patch With this update, you get a save game fix and some issues addressed with multiplayer, stability and performance problems.
  16. Version 1.01


    Original file: http://www.gamefront.com/files/11402912/Halo_2_v1_01_Revised_Patch This is the Halo 2 Vista Patch #2. It is the latest patch available for the game.
  17. Version 1.1


    Original file: http://www.strategyinformer.com/pc/moonbasecommander/patch/168.html The following items are addressed by this update: Players no longer duplicated in game roster of internet games. Improved synchronization of game setup for internet games. More lenient time-out for players in first round of internet games (less disconnects). Improved custom map transmission for internet games. No more "network_receive_array_script not defined" errors. In team games, destroyed players get FoW lifted only when they have no surviving human teammate(s). No longer possible to click enemy units that are under the FoW. No longer possible to click cords/units that are behind game interface. AI players no longer launch illegal items from Offensive Units. "Skip" button problems resolved. Clicking "Clear" in map editor correctly updates map size indicator. Issue with Spike weapon occasionally affecting wrong unit resolved. Reclaimer weapon uses correct altitude to determine affected unit (won't reclaim balloons by hitting ground). Destroying a crazy amount of units at once should no longer cause a crash. Music skipping may be improved by adjusting the music buffer pivot point. This will cause the computer to choose the next measure of music earlier, so it has more time to load. Add "MusicBufferPercent=#" to the [system] section of Moonbase.ini (# is a value between 10 and 90). This is the percentage of the current measure that plays before selecting and loading the next. A smaller value gives the hard drive more time to load. If your music skips, try a value of 30 to start. Reduce to 20, then 10 if necessary. Fixed missing underscores for some fonts. Incoming tracking will now properly track projectiles that pass thru fog areas back into visible areas. Fixed issue with guided missiles sometimes flying into ground.
  18. Version 1.1


    Original file: http://www.fileplanet.com/48959/40000/fileinfo/Submarine-Titans-v1.1-Patch This patch will upgrade the North American version of Submarine Titans to version 1.1 A lot of reported bugs have been fixed and network play has been optimized. Here is the full list of fixes: Bug Fixes: Fixed bug in Power Protector where if 2 protectors were built next to each other , it would close and recharge. Fixed bug in teleport recharge. Fixed bug in restart game for campiagn mission. Fixed bug in Development technology for Silicon Campiagn missions Fixed bug in drawing technology tree (yellow boxes). Fixed Mouse dragging problem in Windows 2000 Fixed Campaign Missions 5 and 6 for Black Octopi (Capture technology problem) Fixed Campaign Missions 7,8,9,and 10 for White Sharks (Various bugs) Fixed Internal Error problems Multiplayer: Fixed several Asynch bugs. Fixed Internal Errors Improvements: Optimization of Network code for smoother game play. Optimized movement of sea life. Improved AI Pathfinding for Subs Optimized Guard zone for subs Increased hit points for the DC Bomber Some more balance for the BO, WS and SI Civilizations Updated FSGS DLL and Patch system.
  19. RAGE and Saints Row 2. Saints Row 2 would only run fine if the PC was effectively a Xbox 360. Everything was jerking around and made it nearly unplayable without the Gentlemen of the Row mod. Even then the game still feels sloppily ported. Then again, the port wasn't made by Volition so it was partially expected. RAGE on the other hand has no excuse. id is mainly a PC developer and has one of the best programmers creating their engines. I find it baffling that the same people made a game that worked perfectly on consoles, but has unplayable pop-in issues on beefy PCs. Even the general UI felt like it was designed for a controller. Overall, the game is still good, but it makes id look like they are getting sloppy. At least id managed to patch up some of the nagging issues from launch (there were initially no graphics settings, the game would try to auto detect settings and adjust on the fly).
  20. I think the expansion Infoboxes make a page more "complete". It doesn't provide extra information, but they make pages look slightly more professional if the page is big enough. Otherwise, as Newmansan said, they add clutter. I would've liked it if for some of the bigger games (like the Quake series), only the major retail expansion packs are listed (adding digital expansions just will make things bloated). I don't like removing them, but I'm open to new ideas for format. Newmansan's idea sounds pretty good.
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