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  1. Crysis 64-bit binaries

    Original file: http://steamcommunity.com/app/17300/discussions/0/864945401070748061/
    This is the 64-bit binaries for Crysis. It allows the game to be run as a native 64-bit application, providing various benefits and enhancements.
    Extract the contents of the download to the Crysis installation folder.
    Run the crysis.exe file in the newly added folder (Bin64) to play the game.
    (Optional) Create a shortcut of the EXE for the Desktop for easier access.

    For the Steam version, there is a way to make the Steam client launch the 64-bit version by default. In the Crysis installation folder, rename the Bin32 folder to Bin32.bak and rename the Bin64 folder to Bin32.




  2. Far Cry AMD64 (64-bit) Upgrade patch

    Original sources: FilePlanet (US, FR, DE, IT, ESP)
    This is the Far Cry AMD64 / WinXP Pro x64 Upgrade Patch. It allows the game to be run as a native 64-bit application, providing various benefits and enhancements.
    Note that the 64-bit version cannot be upgraded to v1.4 (the latest patch).
    After installing the patch, the Enhanced Content Patch should also be installed for extra content and optimizations (a link to the patch can be found on the Far Cry wiki page).
    Available versions of the patch:
    English (US UK)
    French (FR)
    German (DE)
    Italian (IT)
    Spanish (ESP)

    Here is the list of fixes and major notes:
    AMD64 Patch additions
    There is a known issue with the external application settings tool and newer GPU's. Using the auto detect feature in-game will properly detect and apply the correct systems settings.
    Resolved an issue where the dedicated/non-dedicated Server server crashes when a user uses “ \rcon start_server “ console command
    There is a known issue in Multiplayer where entering or exiting a ladder may cause the user gun to disappear. The client simply needs to switch weapons to make the gun reappear.
    Uninstalling the AMD64 bit version will not remove the CD-key. To manually remove the CD-key or Ubi.com settings from the registry, follow these steps: Click Start / Run. Tyep “regedit†and press enter. Navigate through the registry tree in the left window to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Crytek\FarCry\Ubi.com. Right click on the CD Key registry and click delete.
    Server and client versions of patch 1.31 and 1.32 will work together but it is highly recommended that users up-grade to the same patch version of both the client and the server.
    To ensure that opening movies play correctly the user must install the same language version of the AMD64 bit patch that is resident on their computer.
    Fixed a graphical issue with tunnel textures in the Stronghold map.
    Punk Buster is not enabled on the AMD64 version and Punk Buster toggles do not appear in server menus.
    Fixed an issue in Multiplayer where a player occasionally gets stuck on geometry in the mp_gorge_amd64 map.
    Fixed an issue where LAN server disappears from the LAN Server List after using the cvar “sv_severtype lanâ€. Note “SV_servertype UBI/LAN†should only be used before-creating a new server via console to define the type of the server. It will not change the status of an existing server.
    Optimized and refactored code to take advantage of 64 bit architecture
    Added Offset bump mapping support

    Patch 1.32 change log
    Fixed a Shader Model 3.0 issue that caused graphics corruption on new ATI hardware.
    Set the game to detect nVidia hardware to avoid shaders being compiled at run time.
    Recompiled the 32-bit version with a different version of STL to address some server slowdowns.

    The README file provided with the patch can be found under <base game folder>\Support\AMD64




  3. InstallShield 3 32-bit Generic Installer

    Original file: http://www.reactos.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=90351
    This is a generic 32-bit version of the InstallShield 3 setup engine. This file can be used as a replacement installer for games that use 16-bit versions of InstallShield 3.
    To determine if the game uses InstallShield, check the list of files that are in the setup directory (normally, there should be a dedicated folder for the installer somewhere on the game disk). If the file "_inst32i.ex_" is included, then the game uses InstallShield in some form.
    From there, the version of the installer currently used needs to be verified to ensure that the replacement file will work. In the setup folder, find a "SETUP.EXE", "SETUP32.EXE", or other similarly named files. Once the installer is found, right click it, select "Properties", and go to the "Version"/"Details" tab. If the "Product version" and/or "File version" fields have a value along the lines of 3.xx.xxx.x, then the game uses version 3 of the setup engine and is compatible with this file.
    For specific details on installer use, check the game article that requires it.
    For generic instructions, check the link at the top of this description.




  4. Far Cry patch

    Original source: FilePlanet
    This is the Far Cry Patch v1.4. It is the latest version available.
    Note that this patch is for the 32-bit version of the game only. It cannot be installed for the 64-bit variant.
    Here is the list of fixes and additions:
    General changes
    Added remakes of assault maps
    Closed several security holes
    Joypad support has been added
    Several console commands have been deactivated and are only available in DEVMODE

    Multiplayer General changes
    Added automatic kicking of team killers for violating default limit (integrated with Punkbuster)
    Added broadcast and spawn message capability
    Added center red dot to the scope of the sniper rifle
    Added command which allows the gameplay to start at a specific flag for training
    Added first person spectator view. It is considered beta and will not be officially supported
    Added GUI buttons for players to easily vote
    Added GUI voting panel to initiate votes for map changes and kicking players
    Added ingame server administrator panel for real time GUI admin capability
    Added ingame text flood kicking (integrated with Punkbuster)
    Added IP and server name to scoreboard
    Added Join server by IP function
    Added option to disable voting
    Added option to remove enemy nametags from cross-hair
    Added team kill punish and forgive system
    Fixed "CD Key In Use" issue with automatic server kick
    Fixed binocular/sniper rifle bug
    Fixed bug in mp_airstrip which lead to a server crash
    Fixed bug where players were missing their scoreboard (getting refreshed automatically now)
    Fixed gameplay issues on mp_jungle
    Fixed grenade bug
    Fixed scoreboard so that it now properly shows ping
    Increased amount of damage inflatable boat can take
    Server browser list updated for easy navigation. Many filters and a favourite server section added

    Multiplayer Gameplay changes
    Added MP5 and Shocker to Assault game mode
    Added occlusive damage to vehicle explosions (player cannot die due to an explosion while behind a solid object any more)
    Fall damage reduced
    General weapons balancing
    Health and armor adjusted amongst the classes to give the Grunt the most, Engineer medium and Sniper least.
    New OICW grenade launcher interface
    New RL fire mode
    Server and client optimizations for smoother gameplay
    Stamina increased 50%
    Sticky bombs replaced with "Beta" C4
    Wrench now has melee capability

    Features Manual for FarCry Patch 1.4 (A detailed description about the newly added features)
    Server Command Table (Lists all the new commands available for FarCry multiplayer with explanations)
    Project Fixit (A detailed explanation of changes to the stock assault maps)




  5. Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City Updated LaunchEFLC binary

    Original file: http://steamcommunity.com/app/12220/discussions/0/828934913097667528/#p1
    This is an updated version of the LaunchEFLC.exe SecuROM Launcher file for Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City. It should only be used if there are issues launching the game.
    Full details on usage can be found on the Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City wiki page.




  6. Far Cry AMD64 (64-bit) Enhanced Content patch

    Original source: FilePlanet
    This is the Far Cry AMD64 / WinXP Pro x64 Enhanced Content Patch. It adds exclusive content specifically for the 64-bit version of the game.
    Note that the AMD64 / WinXP Pro x64 Upgrade Patch needs to be installed first before using (a link to the patch can be found on the Far Cry wiki page).
    Here is the list of additions:
    Optimized and refactored code to take advantage of 64-bit architecture.
    Two AMD64 exclusive multiplayer maps – MP_Stronghold and MP_Gorge
    Added Offset bump mapping support.
    Added higher resolution textures and objects.
    Increased some viewing distances.
    Updated the Pier level with new content.




  7. Sid Meier's SimGolf patch

    Original file: http://www.patches-scrolls.com/dl.php?file=simgolf103.zip&ref=ps
    This patch updates Sid Meier's SimGolf to version 1.03. For a list of changes, see below.




  8. Unreal Tournament 2004 Ultimate Ultimate Community Map Pack (Vol. 1-4)

    Original files: http://www.strategyinformer.com/pc/unrealtournament2004/map/12160.html
    This is the Unreal Tournament 2004 Ultimate Ultimate Community Map Pack. It contains all the map packs (Volume 1-4) from the Ultimate Community Map Pack series.
    To install the pack, copy/paste the contents of download into the game installation folder.
    For individual map downloads or further details on the map pack series, go to the official site.
    Here are the list of additions:
    44 new maps (2 AS, 1 BR, 12 CTF, 23 DM, 3 DOM, 1 ONS, 1 VCTF) and a new weapon. One map (AS-UCMP2-Cruciatus) has 3 weapons and a vehicle exclusive to it.

    The AGGL by Guesscui, Bellasadda, and LordSimeon (Volume 1)
    Mathek (AS-UCMP2-Cruciatus only)
    Quiritatio (AS-UCMP2-Cruciatus only)
    Demon Spawn (AS-UCMP2-Cruciatus only)

    Vehicles (AS-UCMP2-Cruciatus only)
    Demon Spawn

    CTF-UCMP-Aithanarid by SaKa (Volume 1)
    CTF-UCMP-Aquatica by Sjosz (Volume 1)
    CTF-UCMP-DecaneCaldera by BIOS (Volume 1)
    DM-UCMP-1on1-Derelict by Barballs (Volume 1)
    DM-UCMP-Bloodrun by Moonflyer (Volume 1)
    DM-UCMP-Contrast by cAm (Volume 1)
    DM-UCMP-ImMortalis by MichaelM (Volume 1)
    DM-UCMP-ThePits by Bellasadda (Volume 1)
    DM-UCMP-PleasantValley by JuggaloKyle, Stormblade, and ArcadiaVincennes (Volume 1)
    DM-UCMP-RancidMetal by IronMonkeyUK (Volume 1)
    DM-UCMP-Xanadu by ArcadiaVincennes (Volume 1)
    DOM-UCMP-Cerebral by AaronM (Volume 1)
    ONS-UCMP-ABC by LordSimeon & Postpunk (Volume 1)
    ONS-UCMP-ABC-ECE by LordSimeon & Postpunk (Volume 1)
    AS-UCMP2-Cruciatus by LordSimeon (Volume 2)
    BR-UCMP2-Sublimity by cAm & Mattdude (Volume 2)
    CTF-UCMP2-Campgrounds by Slainchild (Volume 2)
    CTF-UCMP2-Enlightenment by AaronM (Volume 2)
    CTF-UCMP2-Orcus by .:ZIO:. (Volume 2)
    CTF-UCMP2-RottenCity by Guesscui (Volume 2)
    CTF-UCMP2-Sublimity by cAm & Mattdude (Volume 2)
    CTF-UCMP2-Vadamerca by SaKa (Volume 2)
    DM-UCMP2-Adamantium by BIOS (Volume 2)
    DM-UCMP2-Churn by Luv_Studd (Volume 2)
    DM-UCMP2-Dynarak by Slainchild (Volume 2)
    DM-UCMP2-Hieron by Moonflyer (Volume 2)
    DM-UCMP2-Saiko Slainchild & Soma (Volume 2)
    DM-UCMP2-Taron by BIOS & Sjosz (Volume 2)
    DM-UCMP2-Thebes by Luv_Studd (Volume 2)
    DOM-UCMP2-1on1-Smelter by Bellasadda (Volume 2)
    DOM-UCMP2-Meskhenet by Morpheus (Volume 2)
    VCTF-UCMP2-RiverCanyon2 by MeanyMortal (Volume 2)
    AS-UCMP3-IslandStrike by LordSimeon (Volume 3)
    CTF-UCMP3-Tidal by Sjosz (Volume 3)
    DM-UCMP3-Altitude by Moonflyer (Volume 3)
    DM-UCMP3-Gantham by BIOS (Volume 3)
    DM-UCMP3-Glorian by Slainchild (Volume 3)
    DM-UCMP3-Sympathy by Luv_Studd (Volume 3)
    CTF-UCMP4-Talya by Hazel.H (Volume 4)
    CTF-UCMP4-Virility by Sjosz & Slainchild (Volume 4)
    DM-UCMP4-Elucidation by Axeman & BIOS (Volume 4)
    DM-UCMP4-Mania by Moonflyer (Volume 4)
    DM-UCMP4-Propaganda by Luv_Studd (Volume 4)
    DM-UCMP4-Speos by .:ZiO:. (Volume 4)




  9. Crimson Skies patch

    Original file: http://www.fileplanet.com/52484/50000/fileinfo/Crimson-Skies-v1.02-Patch
    With this update, you get a save game fix and some issues addressed with multiplayer, stability and performance problems.




  10. Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion patch

    Original files:
    This is the Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion Patch v1.0c. It is the latest patch available for the game.
    The patch is available in the following languages:
    English (EN)
    French (FR)
    German (DE)
    Italian (IT)
    Japanese (JA)
    Korean (KO)
    Spanish (ES)

    Each file is ~4 MB in size.
    Note that this patch also includes the content and fixes from Patch v1.0b.
    Here is the full list of fixes:
    Balance Changes
    Aztecs get free Loom.
    Byzantines get free Town Watch.
    Chinese start with 50 less food (for a total of -200 food).
    Franks now get the Halberd technology.
    Goth infantry cost 25% less starting in the Feudal Age.
    Japanese infantry get 25% attack speed bonus starting in the Feudal Age.
    Koreans:Shinkichon increases Onager range by +1 instead of +2.
    Turtle Ships have Heated Shot and additional armor vs. Galley-line ships.
    Korean villager LOS increased by +1.
    Turtle Ship artwork is changed to be more realistic.
    War Wagon and Elite War Wagon range is reduced.

    [*]Spanish Hand Cannoneer and Bombard Cannons fire 15% faster. Fire rate for Conquistadors and Elite Conquistadors is also improved.

    All archery range units (except Hand Cannoneers) now do +1 additional damage to Spearman-line units.
    Camels are now as quick to train as spearmen.
    Viking Berserks now move as fast as pikemen.
    Celtic Woad Raiders now move faster (they run faster than Eagle Warriors who lack Squires).
    Bombard Cannons cause +80 additional damage to buildings.
    Training time for Teutonic Knights, Longboats, Tarkans, and Samurai is significantly reduced.
    Cavalry Archers now have equal range to Heavy Cavalry Archers.
    Scout Cavalry get +2 attack in the Feudal Age.
    Galleys now take 60 seconds to produce (War Galleys & Galleons still take 45 seconds).
    Fireships & Fast Fireships have additional armor vs. Galley-line ships.
    Fireships cause additional damage vs. Turtle Ships.
    Korean War Wagon cost increased to 120 wood 60 gold.

    Castles now take longer to build.
    Bombard Towers now do piercing damage instead of normal damage (the major effect is vs. rams).

    Loom provides +1 additional Pierce armor.
    Palisade walls get +3 additional Pierce armor.
    Treadmill Crane, Masonry, Architecture, Hoardings, Fortified Wall, Guard Tower, and Keep have had their stone cost replaced with wood or food. Now these technologies only cost food & wood.
    Theocracy only costs 200 gold.
    Shipwright now also decreases ship build time.
    Parthian Shot increases Cavalry Archer and Mangudai attack vs. spearman-line units.
    Heated Shot now increases tower attack and Castle attack vs. ships.
    Capped Ram & Battering Ram upgrades no longer cost gold.

    Fish traps now provide food at a faster rate.

    Open ground is always green on the mini map, even on snow or sand terrain.
    Black Forest is no longer an option if you select Random Map or Land Random.
    Farms can be queued to 40.
    Blind Random Map – Multiplayer only. Selects randomly between a number of different map types, and you are not told what kind of map you are playing on.
    Turbo Random Map — In this mode, all buildings work 2.5 times faster except when building econ units (fishing boats, trade ships & carts, villagers). All economic units gather 2.5 times faster and carry 2.5 times as many resources. All trade units work 2.0 times faster. Villagers construct buildings 2.5 times faster except for castles, towers, & wonders. To play this new Turbo style, select “Turbo Random Map†from the Game Type menu in either single player or multiplayer mode.
    Custom Random Maps — New ES Custom Maps are in the patch. To select one, go to Map Style and click “Custom.†Note that these maps are NOT guaranteed to work effectively vs. a computer opponent or for certain game types. The computer opponents assume that all Custom maps are Coastal, so a map type that is quite different may hinder the computer opponents’ typical skill level. Also, if you play Regicide on ES@Pilgrims_v2, you do not receive a starting castle. If you play Regicide on ES@Metropolis_v2, you get three kings and three castles. If you have 7-8 players on ES@Pilgrims_v2, some players may instantly resign. The following maps are included. For full descriptions, go to http://www.ensemblestudios.com/aoeiix/docs/rms.shtml.
    ES@Canals_V2.rms — A network of canals creates a spider web effect as they try to connect every player’s starting town.
    ES@Capricious_V2.rms — Starting food, gold and stone might be at normal levels, in short supply, or in abundance. Starting trees will always be the same.
    ES@Dingos_V2.rms — Villagers shepherd their flocks while avoiding rampaging wild animals. Lots of sheep, lots of wolves, no Scout.
    ES@Graveyards_V2.rms — Control weed-choked graveyards packed with scary trees and abandoned buildings that conceal resources and ancient relics.
    ES@Metropolis_V2.rms — Control three Town Centers, three sets of villagers, three Scouts and three sets of resources!
    ES@Moats_V2.rms — Each player’s town is surrounded by a narrow body of water with several land bridges for access and moats narrow enough for ranged units to fire across.
    ES@Paradise_Island_V2.rms — Start on a tropical island with your enemies. The map is loaded with fish, boars, and berries. Find the three relics at the base of the volcano in the center, but beware of the guardians!
    ES@Pilgrims_v2.rms — Your starting island may be small, but there is a whole new world to discover! Hop in your Transport and race your enemies to the new world!
    ES@Prairie_V2.rms — Food is often scarce and there aren’t a lot of natural defenses, but your two Scouts can cover a lot of ground.
    ES@Seasons_V2.rms — Based on the 4 seasons in a year, with a 25% chance of loading up a Winter map, Spring map, Summer map, or Autumn map.
    ES@Sherwood_Forest_V2.rms — Multiplayer only. Your town is surrounded by forests, yet you can walk freely through them. Use your hunting wolf to scout the terrain or for sneak attacks on your enemy’s villagers.
    ES@Sherwood_Heroes_V2.rms — Single player version of Sherwood Forest. Start out with some familiar heroes.
    ES@Shipwreck_V2.rms — A few bruised villagers and their waterlogged sheep stranded on a desert island.
    ES@Team_Glaciers_V2.rms — In the frozen north, each team must defend its own hunk of ice and snow against frequent enemy raids. Bad weather makes ships and walls rare, though strangely, this has led to a bumper crop of deer.
    ES@The_Unknown_V2.rms — Everything is random. Everything. From the moment the game starts, you have to scout (with a random number of Scouts, of course) to figure out whether you are on an island, a mainland, or inside a clearing of trees.

    Bug Fixes
    Male Mayan farmers are now as good as females.
    Imperial Age Houses now have normal house armor.
    Villagers now walk around farms normally if stopped and started again (the infamous “Farm bugâ€).
    Monks no longer heal garrisoned units.
    Computer opponents no longer always switch to attack the opponent with the highest score. That is, they initially attack that opponent, but then they keep attacking for some time afterwards, even if that opponent’s score drops.
    Teuton Monk Resistance now works properly, so researching Faith is beneficial to them.
    On Nomad maps, Chinese, Persians, Huns, and Mayans now get the correct starting resources.
    Computer opponents now build lumber camps next to bamboo.
    Town centers now always take damage from Bombard Towers.
    The Team Glaciers map no longer starts players on ice terrain.
    The Unknown map no longer starts players surrounded by wood. This map was also revised with many small adjustments to resources, relics, and terrain.
    The Pilgrims map now starts off with a Lumber Camp instead of a Town Center. Extra villagers and resources have been added to player islands as well.
    In ParadiseIsland, players are no longer automatically defeated after launch of regicide games.
    Male hunters no longer get +1 LOS.
    Teuton Town Centers now get their attack bonus.
    War Wagons no longer get unintended bonus damage vs. siege.




  11. Quake Shareware PAK

    This is the individual PAK file for the shareware version of Quake. It is the latest version available.
    This file was taken from a fresh install of the Quake shareware release.
    The shareware come with the first episode "Dimension of the Doomed".
    Note that this file is meant to be used with a source port of the game. How to install the file will vary depending on the source port.
    Details (and a download link of the original shareware release) can be found on the Quake wiki page.




  12. Halo 2 patch

    Original file: http://www.gamefront.com/files/11402912/Halo_2_v1_01_Revised_Patch
    This is the Halo 2 Vista Patch #2. It is the latest patch available for the game.




  13. Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance patch

    Original source: FilePlanet
    This is the v2.0 patch for Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance. It is the latest version available.




  14. Medieval: Total War Gold Edition Crash To Desktop fix

    Original source: Game Front
    This is the Medieval: Total War Gold Edition v2.01 Crash To Desktop (CTD) Fix. It will prevent the game from crashing when starting a new campaign or campaign tutorial.
    To apply the fix, just extract the contents of the download into the game installation folder.




  15. Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption patch

    Original file: http://www.gamefront.com/files/files/6359296/focupdate1_1.exe
    This is the Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption Patch v1.1. It is the latest major patch available for the game, but a minor update can be found on the Star Wars: Empire at War wiki page.
    Note that the patch is not required for Star Wars: Empire at War: Gold Pack as it comes pre-installed.
    As the patch notes are too big to fit in this description, they have been included in the download as a README file.




  16. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl patch

    Original sources: FilePlanet (Czech, Digital Distribution, Poland, Russian, US, Worldwide)
    The is the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl Patch v1.0005. It is the latest official patch available.
    The patch is available for the following versions/languages:
    Digital Distribution

    Note that the Digital Distribution version of the patch is meant for non-Steam digital copies of the game (ex. Direct2Drive). The Steam version is already patched to v1.0006.
    Download links for the v1.0004 patch and the recalled v1.0006 patch can be found on the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl wiki page.
    Here is a partial list of fixes:
    Implemented - compression option to switch off the network traffic on a server networked games (default is off).This solves the problem of overloading the CPU servers with low productivity.

    [*]A bug in the dialogue.
    This error resulted in the fact that dialogues with a high degree of nesting were looping.

    [*]The possibility of creating servers for tournaments.
    Access to the players on the list server implemented on the server (login and password).

    [*]Fixed-over 10 crashes in multiplayer game
    [*]Maintenance of statistics on MP-match points, the use of weapons, and per-zone hit points




  17. GLQuake

    Original source: id Software FTP server
    GLQuake is the official port of Quake to OpenGL, allowing for the game to be hardware accelerated.
    The installer included will install the port (or patch it if a older version is already installed). The installer also includes a OpenGL miniport for 3Dfx cards (do not install it unless using a 3Dfx video card. The drivers are redundant with AMD/Nvidia GPUs).
    Note that GLQuake will only work with the full version of Quake. It is not compatible with the shareware release.
    Available versions of the port: Windows, Linux
    Details on the port can be found on the Quake wiki page.




  18. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas resolution patcher

    Original file: http://www.wsgf.org/forums/viewtopic.php?p=38376&sid=adc1c9ceb9a00486724dca84050aef41#p38376
    This is Squ1zZy's Rainbow Six: Vegas Resolution Patcher. This tool will allow the game to be rendered in most widescreen resolutions.
    Instructions (taken from the README file):
    Place the patcher in the following folder:C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\My Documents\Ubisoft\R6Vegas

    Open the patcher and select the resolution you want the game to run in.
    Press "Patch".
    An edited R6GameConfig.bin file with the new resolution will be created. Note that the tool will make a backup of the original file (called R6GameConfig.bak) before patching it.
    To revert back to the original config file, delete the R6GameConfig.bin file and change the extension of the backup file from .bak to .bin




  19. Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings patch

    Original file: http://www.microsoft.com/games/age2/downloads.htm (via the Internet Archive)
    The Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings Update 2.0a features many updates and fixes.
    The patch is available in the following languages:
    English (EN)
    French (FR)
    German (DE)
    Italian (IT)
    Japanese (JA)
    Korean (KO)
    Spanish (ES)
    Traditional Chinese (ZH)

    Each file is 2.6 MB in size.




  20. Hitman 2: Silent Assassin patch

    Original sources: FilePlanet (EN, DE), Game Front (FR)
    This is the Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Patch v1.01. It is the latest version available.
    Available versions of the patch:
    English (EN)
    French (FR)
    German (DE)




  21. Max Payne patch

    Original source: FilePlanet
    This is the Max Payne Patch v1.05. It is the latest version available.




  22. Star Wars: Empire At War 2 GB RAM & MP Lobby Fix

    Original file: http://www.gamefront.com/files/20635580/Star_Wars__Empire_At_War_2GB_RAM___MP_Lobby_Fix
    This is the Star Wars: Empire at War 2 GB RAM & MP Lobby Fix. It is the latest patch available for the game.
    The patch is for both the base game and the Forces of Corruption expansion.
    Note that this patch does not includes all fixes from previous patches. It is recommended that the game is patched to v1.05 (v1.1 for the Forces of Corruption expansion) before installing this update (the patches can be found on the Star Wars: Empire At War wiki page).
    Here are the list of fixes:
    Fixes an issue with game freezes in the Multiplayer Lobby for both STAR WARS: EMPIRE AT WAR and STAR WARS: EMPIRE AT WAR Forces of Corruption.
    Fixes an issue when playing STAR WARS: EMPIRE AT WAR Forces of Corruption on a 64-bit OS that has greater than 2 GB of RAM.




  23. Unreal Tournament Bonus Pack #4

    Original files: ​http://www.fileplanet.com/53827/50000/fileinfo/Unreal-Tournament-Bonus-Pack-#4-%5BUMOD-installer%5D

    This is the Unreal Tournament Bonus Pack #4 (or The Christmas 2000 Pack). It is the fourth and final free map pack for the game.
    The pack comes in both the UMOD and No UMOD formats.
    To install it via UMOD installer, just double click on the file and the Unreal Tournament Installer will automatically open it. This is the easiest way to install the pack.
    To install the pack with the No UMOD files, copy/paste the contents of the "No UMOD" folder into the game installation folder. This way should only be done if the UMOD file does not work.
    Here are the list of additions:
    Two new models, two texture packs and twelve new maps.

    Xan - Mark II





  24. Monopoly Tycoon patch

    Original file: http://www.fileplanet.com/86943/80000/fileinfo/Monopoly-Tycoon-1.4-Patch
    This is the Monopoly Tycoon Patch v1.4. It is the latest patch available for the game.
    Note that this release includes all fixes and updates from all previous patches.
    Here is the full list of fixes and additions:
    Added map selection to skirmish and multiplayer modes.
    Added serverside version checking, players of different versions will not be allowed to join.
    Addressed Railroad / utility issues.
    Added all custom scenarios produced from patch 1.3, Extras pack 1 and Extras pack 2.
    Added 2 new custom scenarios "Reign of the Outsider" and "The Campaign Trail".
    Added network adaptor selection to the configuration panel.
    Altered the patch installation so you can now reinstall the patch over the same version if you wish.
    Added 'Italian' to the patch language verification.
    Added 2 new texture sets ( Matchstick and Rough ).You will need to download Extras Pack 1 or Extras Pack 2 to utilize these texture sets. These can be found on the DeepRed website ( wwww.deepred.co.uk ). Instructions on how to use them in the game are provided with these packs.




  25. Assassin's Creed II patch

    Original source: FilePlanet
    This is the Assassin's Creed II Patch v1.01. It is the latest version available.


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