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  1. Version 1.0


    Original sources: MandaloreGaming's Google Drive (linked via his video) This is MandaloreGaming's custom configuration file for Warhammer 40,000: Fire Warrior as part of his review. It runs the game at 1080p and fixes audio crackling issues (at the cost of lost audio effects). The file has been uploaded to the wiki at the request of MandaloreGaming in the . INSTRUCTIONS Download the file Move the file to the path where the game's executable is located Launch the game
  2. "Hackable" means that a feature or option can be enabled through either unofficial means (patches, mods, etc.) or built-in engine commands/options that are not explicitly made available through the in-game options menus (command line arguments, modifying official config files, etc.) In your particular case, if the feature can be enabled through the in-game options menu (abit in an awkward and roundabout fashion), it would still be considered native support.
  3. I should backtrack a bit. If you want to add in a note about lost OS/hardware support just from an archival prospective, go ahead. I'm just highlighting that it wouldn't serve any purpose beyond that. As for mentioning unofficial OS/hardware support lower than what the minimum specs are, my reasoning is that it would complicate troubleshooting issues if we do. When a developer states minimum system requirements, they are saying "This is the general configuration we found that allows you to play the game at the bare minimum with no issues. We cannot guarantee stability with older config
  4. Marioysikax has the right idea. Games that use digital distribution need to have the newest system requirements listed as games can drop support for outdated OSes and hardware (see Space Engineers). I don't think we should put a note regarding lost OS/hardware support because it wouldn't really matter for the latest build. Unless there is a way to use older builds of a game legally, there is no point in adding it to the page beyond historical purposes. Mentioning unofficial hardware/OS support also doesn't make sense. Even if a game still does work, there might have been a good reason
  5. Generally, giving information regarding pirated and/or cracked versions of games is not allowed. Regardless of the progress made in copyright laws specific to software, it's still a legal grey area for the time being. That being said, there is one exception to this rule (that I personally see): If a game suffers from a game-breaking bug/crash and there is absolutely no other confirmed fix for it that is reliable (and legal), a No-CD crack/patch can be mentioned (but not directly linked). You don't need to mention the legality of said fix. In other words, No-CD cracks/patches are to be
  6. The only way I would see that working is if the Video Settings table had a dedicated field to enable showing generic instructions ("show_generic"). If the field is set to "true", then add a blurb to the relevant video settings along the lines of: "Generic instructions for forcing <VIDEO SETTING> can be found in <LINK TO GLOSSARY SECTION>" Even then, I don't like the idea of having a dedicated element in game articles for general fixes like that. I want to remove general solutions, not highlight them. I already mentioned the best approach to this: Add one set of generic
  7. I'm going to weigh in on this issue as I've been thinking of adding something to the Editing guide to address this. Video settings that can be forced through a video card's drivers can be considered general fixes that are application-agnostic. It's the type of solution that can be applied to practically every 3D game the wiki covers. Based on that knowledge, I think we should not consider forcible video settings to be "hackable" in the context of any specific game. An article should be dedicated to game-exclusive fixes only. Allowing very general solutions tends to make an option field
  8. I think it's a good idea. It would definitely help cover all the bases on both wikis. It also has the potential to remove clutter on some pages (links to walkthroughs and gameplay-focused sites can be removed with StrategyWiki Infobox links as replacements). I don't see any reason why we shouldn't have it.
  9. So GameFront has recently announced that they are shutting down April 30, 2016. While games today don't require such dedicated filesharing services (normally opting for automated patching or uploading through a more general purpose service), much older games will be affected by the loss of this service. GameFront is almost on par with FilePlanet in terms of both files and reputation, and losing access to such a resource will make it significantly harder to find good patches for pre-Steam games. There is also the issue of permanently losing patches and mods that were uploaded exclusively to Gam
  10. Done. If you want to share huge chunks of text temporarily next time, use Pastebin. As for adding the tweaks to the article, I would recommend either using instructions to modify the required lines (assuming it's just a few) or upload to the Files section the modified config file. In any case, I'm looking forward to the full list of tweaks that come out of this.
  11. Having a specialized date for cancelled games is a great idea. But I'm not sure what would be the best way to highlight this detail. Would just having "Cancelled" along with the date of the last functioning version be enough? Or should we also have a "Cancelled" state tag added in? Example format: Date: Cancelled (<DATE OF LAST FUNCTIONING RELEASE>, <VERSION NUMBER>) State tag: "This article documents a game that has been officially cancelled as of <DATE OF CANCELLATION> - information here is in context to the last functioning release of the game." I'm also liking havin
  12. Version 2.8.5


    Original source: MediaFire This is the America's Army v2.8.4 to v2.8.5 patch. It is the latest patch available. Note that the game needs to be updating to v2.8.4 before installing the patch. The other patches for the game can be found on America's Army wiki page.
  13. Version 2.8.4


    Original source: MediaFire This is the America's Army v2.8.3.1 to v2.8.4 patch. The latest patch release is v2.8.5. Note that the game requires this patch before upgrading to v2.8.5. The patch itself requires that the game is updated to v2.8.3.1 before installing. The other patches for the game can be found on America's Army wiki page.
  14. Version


    Original source: MediaFire This is the America's Army v2.8.3 to v2.8.3.1 patch. The latest patch release is v2.8.5. Note that the game requires this patch before upgrading to v2.8.4. The other patches for the game can be found on America's Army wiki page.
  15. Version 2.8.3


    Original source: MediaFire This is the full installer for America's Army v2.8.3. Although it is the latest full installer available, further patching is required to update the game to the latest version (all required patches and instructions are available on America's Army wiki page). Note that official support for the game has been dropped. The main authentication server is no longer available, rendering online multiplayer and training missions unusable. For continued support, it is recommended to use a community-maintained client like Assist (http://aao25.com/getting-started/).
  16. Version 1.01


    Original source: FilePlanet This is the Assassin's Creed II Patch v1.01. It is the latest version available.
  17. Screenshots serve a couple of purposes: They complement the tables in the articles by giving a visual reference to most of the options covered by the wiki. Like you said, articles tend to be very dry without them. They give readers an idea where to find all the options in-game without having to dive into the actual menus themselves. They "flatten out" the menu hierarchy.Ex. The subtitles toggle might be under "General", rather than "Audio". They also show all the possible settings a user can modify (including features not covered by the wiki).
  18. The guide already talks about how to handle this sort of thing: So in your case the file caption format will be "In-game keyboard settings (#/3)" On a related note, for screenshots of remapping menus, just one picture for each input device is enough. The full list of remappable commands is not relevant for the wiki.
  19. Are you running the 32 or 64-bit version of the game? If you haven't tried so already, run the 64-bit version and see if that makes a difference. The 64-bit patch can be found on the Far Cry wiki page.
  20. No. The only OSes the wiki should cover are ones of desktop-caliber. Mobile games are beyond the scope of the wiki.
  21. Yeah, I was making an edit to the post a few months back that got botched. It's now fixed.
  22. It's quite simple: If a retail (i.e. physical) copy of the expansion was made available at some point, then it gets the prefix. Otherwise, it doesn't. Some examples: Retail expansions: Call of Duty: United Offensive, Quake Mission Pack 1: Scourge of Armagon, Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath Digital expansions: Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Missing Link, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Ascendance, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Hearts of Stone Added in the fixes, thanks for pointing it out.
  23. Thank you very much for pointing out these inconsistencies. I've fixed most of them. When I can find the time, I'll fix the more complicated ones. Note that the Creative Senz3D problem is beyond my skillset right now. One of the admins will need to fix that. The Files article guide is very much in need of updating. I'll make that my next project. The sole reason the Editing guide and the Sample guide exist is so that you don't "decide what to do on your own for the most part anyway". It is the standard by which all edits on the wiki are held against. Everyone from new contri
  24. The Editing guide has a small list of recommended screen capture utilities. I personally use Bandicam due to its simplicity. ShareX is also not a bad choice.
  25. For screenshots, they can only be cropped in the following cases: The options menu is displayed as an in-game window, rather than a separate screen. Especially need to be done if said window is small compared to the rest of the screen. There is personal profile information that cannot be changed to an appropriate throwaway profile. All the settings for a menu do not fit in a single screenshot and must be stitched together. The screenshot is of an external menu/application. In these cases, it helps cut down on the clutter both on-screen and in the game article. Otherwise, provide a fullscree
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