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  1. Nice...I await the updated one. Okay, I just tried it with FF X-2 and there are 2 bugs: 1. The icons in "Dresspheres" are missing. 2. The ATB bar is glitching. =================================================================== Note: I tried enable/disable some of the patches to see if there are any effect, here what I found: a. the bugs in FF X can be fixed if I disable "RendererAspectRatiowidth" and "RendererAspectRatiohight" for FF X; change the "Module=auto" to "Module=FFX-2.exe". If I disable them completely, it will affect FF X-2 UI. b. the missing icon
  2. Hi kamiccolo, thank you for making ultrawide in FF X possible. I downloaded (2560x1080 version on 16 July 2022) the latest version and I want to report 2 bugs that I noticed: 1. Abilities Icons are strech when you "Display Status" in Sphere Grid. 2. In the "Help", texts are seems strecth or perhaps spaced too much. I hope you can fix these bugs.
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